Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ski Season!

We are back on the mountain.. more fearless than ever.. loving every minute of it! These boys are all smiles.. all the time.. asking when we are going back.. Love this time with them. Every minute of it.
More to come.. Jacq is going up tomorrow.. Oh yeah.. GIRL POWER! GIRL POWER!


Stephanie said...

Where do you guys go skiing? We are going to Soldier Hollow next Thurs for tubing and dinner. We are looking forward to it!!

Shauna said...

Soldier Hollow is a great place for tubing.. We love that place. We ski at Sundance. It is nice and close.. We never feel like we have to make an entire day of it because we only drive 20 mins. Are you guys skiers?

Becca said...

Fun fun times for you guys!!