Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I love it when I find a mommy treasure like this one. I think this is my mommy way of getting back at the little devil for all the stunts him and his brother pull.

Poor kid ~ he doesn't have a clue. This t-shirt is about to become one of his favorites. He doesn't know what it says, but he does know that it says HOT and has cool flames. Dream come true.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

When the boys are away . . . .

the girls will PLAY! And worked it! Worked it!And work it GOOD! This is why we're HOT. . . .Check out the sweat on her brow. That's a girl that works it works it!"What about me? I work it ~ work it! I'll even pose it pose it!""Bring it!" Yes we bring it! Bring it! This one is for you babe! I flex it flex it! Do you love it love it!?!?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Made me smile finding her snuggled up in her special chair in the doorway of her room at 10pm. I guess as long as she has her luv, book and blankie the kid can sleep anywhere. Sweet Dreams!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Who will get the last laugh. . . .

I could tell the second I saw this face that someone was up to something. . . "Hey Barrett Boy. . .what's going on?"
Silence. . .
"Where's your brother?"
"Oh. . . him thirsty"
"Is he thirsty or is he bringing more water out for mud pie?"

"Oh him thirsty." Notice the hand up to his mouth acting like a cup. Does this kid think he is good or what? "Barrett boy would tell your mommy a story?"
Silence. . . "Barrett Boy?" In my very best mommy voice.
Still quiet. . .this kid is tough. . .he just won't give an inch. "Barrett?"I know what this little twerp is thinking, "I know something you don't know," in his best na na na voice. Yep that has got to be it! "Na na na na na!""I know you said no more mud pie. . . mud pie need it! It need it mom!""Na na na na na na!""We totally got you mom!" "Na na na na na!""That's what you think. . . .MOM ALWAYS WINS!"
You may have a cute little grin and skinny little legs. . ."you corner too!" I know those two twerps are secretly laughing with their noses in the corner. . .What's a mom to do?

Just another day. . .

I thought about being a fun spring break mom, but than the sun came out. Who needs organized activities when you have the warm weather? So outside we went. . . .Tulips in the garden. . . .two lips in the park. . . Tulips? Tulips? . . .tulips in my front yard and blooming??

I did some trimming. I think I might have gotten just a little bit carried away. Mom what do you think, will I have roses this year?

Yes. this is our lovely rock pile! This is Barrett Boys collection. I am not exaggerating when I write that he kisses these bad boys goodnight and greets them first thing in the morning. He should seek help! Or on second thought maybe should I? Don't answer that Dad!
All morning the boys kept playing with their Rollie pollies and worms.. . "Mom, take a picture for Auntie! Take our picture for Auntie!" So sorry Auntie. . . I was in a grove ~ no Rollie pollie pictures for you. . . but we do have mud pie. Notice my little twerp has one sock on and one sock off. What is a mom to do? I just might have to hang him up by his toes. We even tried a little kite flying . . .. . . or alot!It's up up. . .and almost away. . .
Little lady says, "Hold me!" Someone is not such a fun girl right after a nap time.
Still not so happy. Ah. . .we are getting better. . .
This is a picture of a boy with a story to tell, but that is a whole other post. A good question is who will get the last laugh??
PS*I wouldn't really hang Alexander by his toes.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cool Moves

And just when you thought an exercise ball was just for exercise...

Our little gang did a bit of research discoverd that a Buso ball is a lot like a trampoline. So what did we as good parents do with our four children (who should know better) and our newest exercise toy? We ran and got the camera and told them to show us there coolest moves!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Girls Night "IN"

The boys went out for a "boys whatever." Actually I sent them to the grocery store with a list, but they decided to make it all fun and call it a boys night or whatever. :) Lucky me. . .I got stuck with crazy lady. Someone can't decide whether to play soccer or go swimming. Too bad it feels like winter so veto to both. She took a nighty night bath time and colored with mom. She maybe be a crazy lady but she's a keeper.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

It is official I have put in a request to "Super Ma Deb" for mini me aprons. When they arrive in the mail the kids are going to beg for cooking every day. This was not my favorite cooking, but the kids had a real good time making their very own creations. I had to come up with it on the fly. We went grocery shopping and the kids first question was, "Do we have the ingredients for our cooking!" I was scrambling "our cooking??" Apparently this is becoming a part of our weekly routine. If you have any fun cooking with kids Ideas, I'd love them. This boy is one happy boy. He calls the pizza his master piece.
Even though 100% of the time these twinners are big big trouble I know that they really try hard to be good boys. Aren't they cute?Yep ~ It's good! I'll take two!
Barrett Boy is still trying to figure out how to eat his pizza. Eventually he (as well as the other kiddies) just picked all the fruit off the top. That made for one happy mom. I loved throwing out the cookie/nasty frosting. I know people in Africa are starving, but I didn't think twice.Yummy Yummy Yummy!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Save me!

Can some one please please save Sissy from the car wash. The boys cheer and shout and she just dreads it. . . .

She doesn't say a word. . .she just does this. . . .I can only imagine the inside dialog that is going on in her head, "Save me!"
"Is this car wash thing over yet?"
"Mom if I grip this car seat any tighter my knuckles are going to turn white!""Please Please say it is over?""That was scary!"Maybe I ought to leave her home next time.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Too many pictures. . .

Have I ever told you that my kids do not DO NOT like to cooperate with the camera? As I walked into this cute trampoline place I envisioned all the kids on the same trampoline. . . Max jumping high, Brothers a little lower, and Jacqualynn smiling with her legs crossed bouncing. Cute huh? Yeah right! I thought to myself, well I suppose I'll settle with them remotely looking towards the camera. Well this is what I got. . .

Or this. . .And this. . Yep! Times up! Good try Mom! That is what they are telling me. I think I will always try to get that perfect shot, but someday I will learn to try to not force it. They take much better pictures when they are just enjoying their little world.
Like this. . .
Or this. . . And this. . . Even this. . .Fun times=Happy kids=Happy Mom!Yep that is me! WOW if that is not a close up I don't know what is. Don't laugh too hard! My eyes are way buggy, I need my hair done and it wouldn't hurt if I layed off the sugar. . .but I'm happy!