Sunday, February 28, 2010

The *Egg*cellent adventure

I have a story to share with you. . . . maybe more appropriately a secret from deep down in my very closed closet. Anyway, I claimed this year to be the year to *do hard things* And So far. . . the only things I have been doing are dishes. .(and my husband might contest this one) laundry. . (and this one too) wiping bums. . .cleaning buggies . . piano lessons. . and LOTS of homework!! The last *HARD THINGS* adventure was spurred on by this moment or more appropriately moments (ephasis on plural) of constantly stuffing my face. And let me tell you. . that was a *Hard things adventure* for sure. Rewarding ~ but hard! Enough rambling from me. . .
Back to my closet. It's all about eggs. Did you know that I am allergic to eggs? At least that is what I tell everyone. . . and I mean everyone. . my kiddies. . the waitress at a restaurant. . . even my grandma. Pretty much anyone that will listen to me. Hey. . Did I tell you I am allergic to eggs? YEAH!! The truth is. . .I'm not. . And that my friends is my deep dark secret.
There was a time when I did consume eggs and probably really liked them. Probably liked them a lot. Then. . . My parents moved me to a pseudo farm. It wasn't really a farm, but we liked to think it was a farm and we called it *the farm*. The same year we moved to *the farm* my parents bought chickens. What were they thinking? Chickens that laid eggs that we were suppose to eat. I had my turn collecting eggs from the chicken coup on *the farm*. And since that day almost 30 years ago I have not . . NOPE. . NOT EVER . . NOT EVEN thought about it . . . would sit at the kitchen table for hours every easter . . NOT eat an egg.
I'm allergic remember? Yeah! So now for my *egg*cellent adventure. I am going to try an egg type dish every Sunday for. . . a lot of weeks. . My sister started a list. That list is way too long. Kind of an overwhelming egg~y list really. Pretty sure we are up to at least 12 weeks of eggs.
The challenge is on. I can do hard things... I can do hard things. . .I really can. I know it seems like NOT such a *hard thing* or a challenge but for me this is BIG! I am having just a touch of anxiety just. . just. .thinking about it. I can do hard things. Do you want to play? Leave me your favorite yummy yum egg~y recipe and we will let the challenge begin. Wish me luck! I'm going to need it.


Pretty sure my boys have had a never ending birthday this year. It's been more like a birthday Month than a birthday~day. Ma deb came to town and took them to Love~e central and they could not have been happier. . .I do believe they are at the perfect age. *heaven for them* Here are some of my favorite pictures.Thanks Ma Deb!

Everyone Loves LOLA!!

Especially my four little friends. . . and I caught them in the act. :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

*4 months*

We just love our Lola girl more every day. She is one happy little lady. She always has a smile to share and her sweet soft voice will capture my attention for hours. I have burned many of hours just chatting jiberish with my little friend. Thought I would share some new pictures.
My curious little Lola will follow our daily chaos all over the room. I wish I could say that I am an adamant enforcer of the dreaded tummy time. . But she doesn't like it. . . .so I do what I can. . .12lbs 4 ounces (20th %) * 25.5 Inches (87th %)This girl is a *dream*See Lola at three months.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good Intentions.

Thank goodness for more Valentines days! I really blew it this year. I had a great idea because you know I'm so clever. Or just maybe I saw a really clever idea somewhere. . . Ha!
*We make quite a pair* How cute is that with a pair of ski socks?
I had 5 really good reasons why I did NOT get myself out of the house by myself the week of Valentines day! *Max*Alexander*Barrett*Jacq*Lola*
Love them! So I asked Tim to pick up his own pair of socks. Ha ha. . . the awww moment was going to be in the presentation.
Well. . .(Stutter)... well. .that presentation that never happened. Cute idea/good intentions gone bad.
Oh well. . . I totally scored with my little friends.
Don't worry.
I made it tricky. My little friends went on a search.
We played a little *HOT* *COLD*And I totally scored! Little friends loved their face mask and loved them even more when they weren't freezing on the mountain.
There is always St. Patrick's Day, right? I better start planning now. :)

*For my birthday*

These boys have been talking about turning *6* since the day they turned 5!
They love a party. Especially when it is all about them. First things first.
With some of their favorite people. Grandma and Grandpa Watson.
Aunt Lyss.You know who this crazy guy is. Birthday boy #1.Birthday boy #2.Crazy Sissy. This Sissy. . well. . she doesn't love the camera so much. I know what she is thinking, "I'd rather be sleeping!"
*Second* Pirate Island . . .ARRRR. . .
Maxie ARRRR. . .
Lots of games . . . Lots of tickets . . . Lots of prizes. . .Even party hats. . .
= awesome birthday party.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

*colOr cRayOn HeaRts*

The kids really wanted to make their very own valentines this year. . . You know what that means . . . extra work for this mom. Awww. . You know I love it! We decided on *color crayon hearts*
The girls hard at work.
Plenty of work for the boys too.
All done. So excited.
Oh so cute over 100 hearts later!