Thursday, June 13, 2013


This is a blog about the BBQ!!! I cant wait for you guys to find the picture of you. IF YOU WENT!!!!!!
                                                                    Harper - The youngest kid
                                                 Who says i like Popsicle more then pictures??
This is the only picture with aunt Jen
Lola is like the best Popsicle eater i know.
                                                              best friends picture

Jaxson come over here
                                           Ma Deb and COLTEN (the long lost cousin)
                                         THE ONLY picture with jacq smiling
                                               I like a cheesy smile every once in a while :)
                                                                    Another cheeser!
                                                                 choking Barrett
This is Taylor. If you look close enough you can see Barrett trying to do bunny ears. Caught you!
This is the ONLY PICTURE of JD.. Did you hear ONLY PICTURE with JD??
                                                                        HI dad!
                                                                  Pretty Auntie! (mom wrote that one)
                   This is the only picture with me in it.. well the only one that i dont look like a coca nut

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Are your kids really bored in the summer. Well all you need are some buckets and something really big to hold a lot of water (squirt guns are optional).  You go get the big water holder and you fill it up with the water then fill the buckets in the water holder then you have them splash each other like these pictures
 (sounds boring but ultra fun). We love summer!!
                                                               Ready set go - War begins
  Brothers demolishing each other.
                                                              Ammo reload station
                                                   War barely began and Jacq is running inside
                                                                       Little miss giggles!
                                                                    Missy Taylor
 Queen hose haliey
While "the Fight" mom made the floor sparkling clean
See you dudes next time.


                  Max is in the house.We went to Yuba for a couple of days - so we took a couple of pictures.

(When i write "we" - I mean mom)
If you went to Yuba with us, try and find you in the pictures that "we" took.
 Jax being really awesomely weird. I mean really??!
 The tube is deflating - wonder why?? (That's Barrett)
                                              "I love the water. I love the water. I LOVE IT A LOT!!!!"
                                            "I love the sand a lot!!!" (That's is Alexander. He loves the camera)
                                                        "ME FALL OFF JET SKI"
"TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Get away from me Heresy." 
I'm kind of done writing things so you can just check out "our" pictures. 

 Hey everybody thiz is one of my favorite blogs.
HEY aunt lyss do you  like da pictures of you?
(ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha )
Bye BYe BYE.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Cooking with thy twins

It is max again. This is about cooking with the twins. There will be some big accidents, 
some weird Xander photos, and 
hardly any pictures with Barrett because you know how
he is with the cameras. Well lets get started.
 First the flour.. you can not trust Xander with it. 
                                                         look at the cup of flower way to much.
 I warned you mom.. just don't trust Xander with any cooking supplies... no milk.. no flour.. and especially no SUGAR!!! 
 their he is with that milk all over the counter he is licking it all up like a anteater and ants
                  MOM thinks he has gone coca nuts but that is just zander mc flander
                                         LIKE the only picture with the barrett boy in it
                                 Their is zander with a funny face and really likes cooking with mom
 Looks like a sweet dish for me
                                            Hey yo where my cookies i want them right know

THIS is max again for the second blog of cooking with twins. We learned that you can't trust zander with food supplies. and lola wants a cookie and barrett does not like the camera .