Monday, February 23, 2009

Still celebrating. . .

I thought I got away with it. . . .NO big party, NO games or Party bags, NO birthday cake, NO big "ta da" for Alexander and Barrett boy's Big day. Until they woke up almost two weeks after their actual birthday and said, "We never had our "birfday" cake. You can't have a "birfday" with NO "birfday" cake!!!" So this dead beat mom put something together right away. You can tell by the smirks on their faces that they are more than excited for their 5 year old "birfday" moment. Their moment of glory blowing out the "Birfday" Candles. Hey. ..Hey. . what do you think you are doing little Missy??!!You better NOT even try to steal my "Birfday" Glory!!Two Happy boys with their very own "birfday" Cake in all their very own "birfday" glory!! Happy "Birfday" and may this be the last "birfday"celebration until next year. ;)

Never a dull moment!!

That sick bug seriously just won't leave our house. Barrett was down for most of the day zonked out on the couch. That left his poor side kick completely LOST!! I promised Alexander a game of Blockus. Everything was going so well. . .Easy concept. . .your pieces have to "KISS" your pieces. See pieces "kiss!!"

.. . . Not "HUG!" Easy concept. . .See pieces "Hug!"

Everything was going so well. . . .fun. . and peaceful. . .until. . .we started "trapping." The pieces started getting a little close. The beast came out. . .
BEAST!!! Who knew being competitive started at age 3!!! Well it does! At least at our house!

"I go here!!" demanded the "Beast" "I trap Mom and Xander!"
"Well". . . I said. . "little Missy I like the way you think but you aren't huggin' or kissin' any of your pieces!!

"Fine. . .I go here!!"

"I said I trap you and Xander. . . " Said beast! "I GO HERE!!!"

"I said. . . I GO HERE!!"

Screaming way too loud. . ."HERE!!!"

"Ok I kiss!!" Alexander and I are thinking. . . .FINALLY!!

Pretty happy about her "kiss" until. . .

Alexander sees the perfect, "Trap!"

"Ahhhhhhh. . .. ."

"You can't trap ME!"

"You go. . ."


The princess wins again!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Yippeee yeah for fun times in Park City and Sunny sun days!! We had a blast sledding and having fun times. Thought I would share some fun pictures. . .

Alexander was surprisingly cautious on the hill. It took him a time or two going down with a "big person" before he braved the hill by himself.

Tim was our pack mule lugging all the sleds up the hill. Uncle Ross is just down right crazy. If he wasn't a foot or two in the air he was antagonizing the kids with a snowball. :)

The organizer. Thanks Aunt Jen for a super fun time. She packed a few kids up the hill and tricked them down the hill and few times. Good thing they really like her. She can get away with it.

Max discovered a jump at the bottom of the hill and could not get enough air. Somehow no matter what path he would take he managed to hit the jump.
Barrett was loving his sledding life until he accidentally hit the jump at the bottom with full speed. That is his "rough run" face. Don't you worry he has learned he has to end the day with a happy smile and a good run. So he got up and went down the hill again.

And here is our little snow trophy! She loved sitting at the top of the hill watching everyone else play. Occasionally she would get into the fun and toss a snow ball, but for the most part she enjoyed her thrown. Love her.

*To make your own cute Polaroid projects check me out.

VaLeNTiNes DaY!

Yippee yeah for homemade pizza. . .and school treats out our ears. . . . flowers not appreciated. . .and smiles even on sick bug days! Can't get enough of these goof balls. Happy Love day!!

Happy Birthday!!

The sick bug hit our house but good this February so we had a low key Birthday this year. No candles, no cake, no special dinner, etc. . Just hanging out at home with family and friends. They have since been spoiled rotten. . .movie party at Aunt Lyss's new club house, McD's trip from Auntie Nana, special ski adventure with Aunt Jen and Uncle Ross, packages and presents, etc. . these boys are loved and they know it!! Thanks everyone for making their month special.


Aunt Jen and Uncle Ross braved the slopes with these two cute boys! Alexander and Barrett can't stop talking about their birthday adventure!! How cool are Aunt Jen and Uncle Ross??? If you want to see more pics check out my sister's blog.