Friday, October 31, 2008


WOW! I never realized how dirty my children walk around each and every day. . .for heaven sakes someone . . anyone. . .ought to wash their faces, change their clothes, and . . . someone ought to take a picture of ME! LOL. . .I crack myself up. I am finally getting over my haircut so maybe I'll post something of me in November.

Here is a picture of half my group at the school parade where Max ignored us. What is up with Barrett? I guess he is playing the evil Indy! And YES that is Jacq's clown nose stuck in her tie. She thought that up all by herself.Max sees us. He is seriously looking right at us, but he is far too cool to see us, so he never did see us.
Someone was so done being a princess. This little Missy made a pretty cute clown. She was giggling about being a clown all day.Trick or treating! Never thought it could be so much fun!
Fun times for everyone! Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 27, 2008

It's a birthday!

Love this lady and celebrating her 85 years of life!


I was going over Max's spelling words this evening.

I asked, "How do you spell we?"

Max responds with a chuckle, "Oh Mom. . .that is soooo easy. . . w-i-i . . and I really want one of those!"

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Holidays in Utah are so stinkin' fun! There are seriously so many fun things to do with the kiddy kid kids! We have been getting some serious good use out of our costumes. Not only have we been dressing up just about every day, but we have been out there playing. BOO at the ZOO! It was surprisingly fun times for the whole family. A little crowded, but fun times still. Not only were there the regular zoo happenings. . . (Black bears wrestling, the cute little penguins, and close up looks at the gorilla and rhinos) but there were costumes galore, trick or treating, heck the kids even saw Santa. We even ran into some friends from "back in the day!" HALLOWEEN HAPPENINGS AT BORDERS BOOKSTORE! Yes . . .who would have guessed?A party at the bookstore. It's a good time. . . . . stories, games, treats, colorings, and a movie. . . .my kids could have spent all day there. Alexander even won best Halloween costume.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday!

I can't believe my baby turned three today. Pretty sure I will feel this way with each and every one of her birthdays. I was thinking back. . .when Max turned 3 I was trying to figure out a survival guide for 4 kids 3 years old and under. When the twins turned three I was wondering why the heck they were still in diapers. . . and . . now . .little lady. . .I can hardly believe it. . . where does the time go? Yes that is what I am thinking. . .where does the time go? Here are some pictures of our little Missy and her fun Birthday Day!

*First thing in the morning she opened up a Dora Bike and a Dora Helmet. Heaven for this little Lady! Oh my . . .that bike was rode in the house all day . . . Not by the just the birthday girl. It was fun for the whole family.
*We decided to have a family lunch outing. Jacq loves loves Pizza! Oh does she love Pizza! So Pizza it was.*Jacq was well aware that it was her special day. She was/is loving being three!*After all the excitement from the day, Jacq fell asleep after swim lessons. Poor girl! Cake was still to come. . . I almost let her sleep, but I just couldn't let her celebrate the rest of her birthday through pictures. . . *Lastly. . .the mommy cake! If the kids remember nothing else growing up they will remember their mommy birthday cakes. They love them. This one is for you mom. (It took Jacq a little time to warm up once we woke her. . . so just a picture of the cake.)Thanks to everyone who spent the day with us, sent a text, called, or gave a happy birthday present. We love you all so much! Happy Birthday little Miss!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


One of my all time favorite PARTY TIMES is Carving Pumpkins and Carmel Apples. I so enjoy hearing the kids scream and squeal when touching the pumpkin insides. And the Carmel apples get more yummy every year. Thanks Johnsons for a great party!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Please say NO!

WOW! . . can someone please take every last pair of scissors out of my house. I wish I could blame this one on the little lady, but quite frankly someone, an impulsive someone, a someone that forgot that they had no experience in the hair cutting department, a someone that was tired of crying and whining every single morning, somehow got a pair of scissors and just didn't. . . hasn't . . . really should stop cutting. I'd show you a picture of Sissy's new look but we might still be working on her new style. No one ever told this someone that cutting a little crazy head would be so stinkin' hard! It might not have been a bad idea for Sis to find a pair of scissors. . . I am sure this someone would have taken her directly to a salon. For now she has a cute bob that if you look close enough just might be slightly uneven. Do people really look that close at an almost three year old?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Color by Number

Lately my kids have been loving the color by number pictures. . . especially Halloween colorings. They were a little tricky to find online. I found one here and one here. It's a fun and easy activity that captured my little ones interests for quite awhile . . . Happy Coloring!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Full Swing!

Halloween is in full swing at our house. Friday was a mini party day! The kids loved everything about these yummy mummy turkey dogs.

Spending time with these people. . .

Pretending to be mummies. . .
And. . . making these cook cook cookies. . . I wouldn't trade these moments for anything in the world.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


There is something spooky in the air. . .and we are loving it! The kids are totally getting into Halloween this year and it is so fun to watch their excitment. We have tried on last years costumes at least a dozen times and the "double trouble duo" is constantly trying to squeeze just one more skeleton out of me. They want our house to be the "Scariest on the block!" LOL. . . I'm glad they are excited they take after their mom!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cutie Patootie Treasures!

You have got to see this. . . .My cute mom is starting a new adventures. . . a business. . . a. . . web page full of fun little treasures for my little lady and. . .maybe yours too! There is everything from bows to tutus and anything else you can imagine. Check it out when you get a chance.

Who's his mother?

Yes . . .it's true . . .someone needs new pants! One (Maybe two) big fat Dilemmas (s) for me. . .Dilemma 1. I don't like shopping with my kiddy kids in tote. We tried that. . . 3 simple stops on Friday. . .and. . .well. . .3 hours later and a whole lotta fun ~ we were finally home. At the craft store we wanted to look at every last skeleton. The scarier the better! At Costco we had to take a break to share a yummy yum treat. And stop three. . .we couldn't possibly go to the bookstore without reading a book or ten. Needless to say our little outing took a long long time.
Dilemma 2; I don't like to shop alone. I don't really have anything else to say about that. I like to have either my Timmers around. . .or. . . yeah. . . my Timmers! And sometimes I don't! WOW! I need HELP when it comes to shopping. Hopefully by next Sunday this boy will have some pants to wear that work for him. If not it never hurt anyone wearing pants that are just a little to short now did it? Hopefully he won't remember his pants being too short but the 3 hour adventures with his mom.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Max!

Best Lego Bionicle party EVER! At least in the eyes of my 6 year old. :) What more could I ask for? OK . . . now for the play by play. . . Cause. . .I know you are dying to know.
We started by shooting down the Bionicles. Some used the gun while others used the throwing technique. Game on.
As far as I know there are six main Toas, (air, fire, ice, earth, water, and stone) so we went on a Bionicle adventure.

AIR! Nothing says air like showing off some tricks on the tramp. And these boys and one little lady showed some serious air . . .
Next was FIRE. Rings of fire while racing a friend.
Toa of ICE. What the heck do you do for ice?? We toss ice cubes into rings. Probrably not the most creative, but it totally worked.
Toa of EARTH. We hid Legos in the sandbox and we hide them good! The kids still found them but it wasn't with out a hint or two.
Toa of WATER. This was by far my favorite adventure. We throw water balloons at TOAs. It was awesome and of course it turned into a water fight. Thanks to Tim.
Toa of STONE. The boys and one crazy lady searched the front yard for those nasty ring pops. What can I say kids love them. TOA POWER!Pizza and rootbeer floats . . .
And Cool presents. . . . I love age 6. Look how they all gather around. . . It's the best.
Couldn't have done it without this lady. . . Thanks sissy!And thanks to all the friends for a super fun party! . . . .And. . . a big HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Maxie boy! :)