Sunday, September 30, 2007

Birthday Marathon ~ Part I

Simply Put ~ Max's Birthday is going to feel like a Marathon this year. I really hope I don't lose steam. Apparently my reserved borderline shy child went to school on Friday proud as can be with cupcakes and goody bags in tote exclaiming to the class that it was his birthday and he was having 3 parties. . . . . a school party. . . a friend party. . . a family party. He is pretty excited to be age 5. Heck he even started wiping his own bum. So I'm pretty excited he is age 5. For no apparent reason this is a magical age were Max can start doing all sort of new tricks all by himself. Age 5 is GOOD! Wish me Luck on the Marathon Birthday!

Part II ~ The Friends Party

2 favorite friends ~ 1 Ma Deb ~ a gazillion trampolines (at least it feels that way to a 5 year old)~ some crazy blow ups ~ a way cool mom doing some sweet flips (that's me) ~ Old McDonald's ~ one sad Xander, "No Birthday for me?" ~ coolest dad ~ Happy go lucky Barrett ~ Whiskey Tango snatching ice creams ~ presents ~ presents ~ presents = way cool party!

Part III ~ Magical Moment

Arghhhhhh Mate! Max walked upstairs this morning bright and early to a surprise visit from his favorite character Captain Jack. Captain Jack wasn't actually here in person, but he somehow snuck into our house in the middle of the night and granted a dream come true for our Birthday Boy Max.. . . When Max saw all the cool Captain Jack decor he let out a loud squeal, 'It's like a dream." or maybe he said, 'It's like a bizzaster." What? Yeah, that means it's when your house turns into something else. Back to Captain Jack ~ he left a magical message, if Max could complete the task set out for him he could become the 'Captain for the day!' The challenge was on and Max was up to following the map and conquering the tasks. Captain Jack had Max do everything a good captain would be required to do ~ Select a crew ~ Let out his very best ARGHHHH! ~ Be fearless. For the rest of the morning the kids had a blast playing pirate. Not only was it a dream come true for Max ~ it was for his mom too!

Part IV ~ The family Party

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lions! AND Tigers! AND Bears! OH MY!

OK Not Bears. . .Not lions. . . .but. . . .the circus ~ circus. I knew there would be fun times to be found at the circus, but I didn't realize the kids would love it so so much. What they were into totally surprised me. . .listen up. . . .see if it surprises you. . . .
Max - "I loved it when the elephants sat on their bums."
Xander - "Elephant so BIG ~ I so small." The way he was chowing down the half time popcorn I would have guessed his favorite part of the circus to be the popcorn. :) Humm.. . but no. . .elephants so big. . . .he so small. ;)
Barrett - "Puppies ~ Puppies sooooo cute." I didn't even know they had puppies at the circus. . .let alone ones that dance, jump rope, and do flips. I'm surprised they weren't singing. They have all sorts of tricks up their dresses. Yes ~ the puppies wore dresses.
Jacq - If Jacq could talk I'm almost sure she would say the Bellebration. It's a huge celebration with lots of loud music and all the circus performers dancing. Sister was standing up out of her seat. . . hands in the air rockin' out. She couldn't stop waving at all the fun performers. Just so you know performers also includes the animals . . zebras, elephants, lions, puppies, if you were in the ring. . .you got a wave from sissy.
We were so lucky to have some of our favorite family there with us. Thanks for helping to make the circus special. . . .OH MY!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

86 Years Young!

Happy Happy Birthday Grandpa Dear! Nothing beats an ice cream Birthday Party time with the man himself. If you asked the man in charge he would say that we can't leave out partying with one super daughter, grand kids and great grand kids!!! Grandpa KC may be old in age, but he is big big in spirit. Everyone enjoyed watching Grandpa KC constantly raze the little ones with the smirk of all smirks on his face. He was delighted. We were delighted! We ate ice cream, so the grand kids were delighted. I can't emphasize to those that live out of the state of Utah how great he looks, how much he is with it, it feels like he is back to being himself. Loved seeing him and Grandma Lettie! Happy 86 Grandpa KC!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What's on your nightstand?

Let's be honest . . .I'm not a sit on the couch and read for hours kind of girl. I wish I was a reader reader. . . I wish I could find the time. . make the time. . .add an extra 24 hours in my mommy work week. Can I do that? For now I'll settled with a chapter here and a chapter there. I love to read ~ it uplifts me. I feel educated for a small minute. You know until mommy brain kicks back in and I forget almost everything I just read. :) I thought I would share what is on my nightstand this month and maybe you can let me know what is on yours.
1. Wake up to a Happier Life. Even the best mom's have their bad days. . . kind of like a bad bad hair day. I don't really have bad hair days . . .but my Whisky Tango sure does. Her hair really has a mind of it's own. WOW! That was huge tangent. Anyway, back to having a happy life. My sweet husband . . .Yes! I really mean that with no touch of sarcasm, surprised me with this Happy life book one day. I wonder why?? It's true. . .must have been a grumpy mom/wife day. Love him ~ and really loved this book. I think it would be a best seller if it didn't have such a lame title. Is that mean?? No one wants to feel like their life is unhappy. Anyway, It's a great read!
2. The Eat Clean Diet. You can usually find me living 'the lifestyle', cooking 'the lifestyle', talking about 'the lifestyle', or reading all about 'the lifestyle.' :) I'm addicted to the 'the lifestyle.' That is what I call this new way of life I'm all about. I wish I could shout from the roof tops. . . .80% diet. . . 10% genes. . . 10% exercise. Yep, STOP STUFFING YOUR FACE WITH A TREATY TREAT EVERYDAY. . .TWICE A DAY. . remember 10 TREATS A DAY!! That was me! OK! This book was so ~ so. Honestly I didn't read it. . . I just skimmed the pages. My friend Kristi really needs to write herself a little book. She is amazing and I'm pretty sure she'd make millions. Anyone want a 'lifestyle' book? Count me in the pre-sales. :)
3. The Secret. I don't believe that I can write a review that will do this book justice. The philosophy's found in this book if applied are truly life changing. Want a better outlook on life? Want to know why when you stub your toe out of bed in the morning the whole day goes down the tub? Want to create more happiness? Want more money? I could go on and on and on. . . . you get the idea. This book is kind of a regular in my world. Every once in awhile I need to brush up on my positive outlook on life skills. This little friend I like to call the secret keeps me in check. It's a winner.
So that is the story of my reading life. I have heard rave reviews about some vampire love series. It makes me laugh and have a little chuckle. I just don't know about this Edward character. I guess I'm just a little to practical for High School crushes and neck sucking vampires. So for you out there that have crushes on our handsome high school Vampire. . let's hear about that book. For now I'll stick to books that improve my little life and well-being. Happy Reading. :)

Friday, September 21, 2007

And they call her WHISKEY TANGO!

Sweet Little Lady. . .Pretty little princess. . .silly sister. . . we love our Jacqualynn Grace. It's true we have added a new little nickname to her collection. I wish I could write that her new nickname was something extra precious like cutie pie or sweet pea, but honestly we like to call her Whiskey Tango! The nickname really needs no explanation . . .but heck just for kicks. . .2 seconds after I have this little lady all dolled up she turns into one little white trash baby. Little Jacq is famous for flashing her chubby little tummy, riping out her girly girl bow (along with handfuls of hair), and smiring peanut butter, yogurt or any other yummy treat all over her smuggly little grin in no time at all. . . .so much for my baby being a girly girl! Who wouldn't love that adorable little smirk! We love our little Whiskey Tango!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mark your calendars

Maybe we should change the title to The Viking WOman Triathlon! Who is signing up with me?? Registration opens up on November 1, 2007 ~ Tim has warned me that good events fill quickly....any takers?? Tim and I are going to do it! It'd be great to have some friends to follow. :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Double Trouble

I don't know if I should admit this. . .but. . .it's true. . . I have allowed my two three year olds to get the best of me. I don't know if it is a 'twin' thing, a 'terrible three' thing, or just a mom that is feeling a little overwhelmed, but I'm pretty sure they got my number. Little do they know that I'm bigger (glad I got that one going for me), hopefully just a little bit smarter, and I want to say more clever, but the survey is still out. When Alexander and Barrett put their heads together they are pretty dang clever. What one doesn't think of I'm confident that the other one does. Why do I think this?? Because they think of everything. There is a little. . .OK really BIG part of me that feels that it is important to raise well behaved children. I'm pretty sure that whining is not included in my perfect formula of a well behaved child. We started this new game at my house. I'm so good at coming up with games especially when they benefit me. (Thanks Dad!) The second there is a whine. . .I mean the second there is the thought of a whine I don't say a word. . . I pick up my darling little toddlers and put them in time out. I have to admit that I know it sounds kind of cruel, but you do what you gotta do for sanity's sake. I am happy to say that even though there is still a considerable amount of whining, that I will not need to be checked into an insane asylum. We have cut our whining by 50%. YEAH! I don't really know why I decided to write a post about whining. . . I took these darling random pictures of the boys today and thought I would post about how cute they are.. . .really. . .the only thing I could think about is how much we are improving. Yes improving. . .they are cute but whiny! :) Two thumbs up for cutting whining in half. Now if we can get Dad on board whining will be gone for good! :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

140.6 miles...and then some

Well it is official, this past Saturday-September 15- Tim completed an Ironman distance triathlon. or those who don't know this is the grand daddy of all triathlons (Swim 2.5, bike 112, run 26.2...MILES). Tim chose a great event because not only is it rated as one of the most challenging courses in the western US but this year they altered the race do to a fire and actually extended the race by a bit more than 10 more miles.

What was Tim's secret? GO and STOP. He wrote these words on his arms so when he needed some encouragement he could see them. Why GO and STOP? It means GO harder and STOP whining! Cute huh? Maybe we should write that on all our boys' arms... or at least the STOP part. :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


4 Favorite TV shows
1. House
2. Prison Break
3. Brothers and Sisters
4. Grey's Anatomy
4 favorite places I've been
1. Cancun
2. Banks Lake
3. San Francisco, CA
4. Seaside, OR

4 places i have lived

1. Hawaii
2. California
3. Washington
4. Utah
4 favorite foods
1. Brownie Obsession (even a girl on a lifestyle. . .loves her treaty treats :))
2. Vanilla and Almond Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Bar (even more treats)
3. Protein Shakes (I know it's crazy ~ but I love them)
4. Anything with Black Beans, sweet potatoe chips, fish, shrimp, salads, pumpkin pancakes, peanut butter. . . yeah. . .it's safe to say that I just love food! :)

4 websites I check daily

1. Blogger
2. Hotmail
3. ebay
4. I'm a computer junkie, but I don't have a fourth website!
4 favorite places to eat out at. . .
1. California Pizza Kitchen
2. Cafe Rio
3. TGI Fridays (Just for the brownie obsession ~ I'm addicted!)
4. Kneaders

4 favorite things to do

1. exercise (are you surprised?)
2. Spend time with my family
3. Read a good read (book, magazine, letter, blog, anything. . .)
4. Blogging (yes it's true ~ I'm addicted!)

4 things I want at this moment

1. a spotless clean house
2. a completely potty trained almost 2 year old
3. My sniffles to go away
4. Someone to comment on my blog :)
4 things I can not live without
1. Magic Bullet
2. asics athletic socks and a good pair of running shoes
3. 3 happy little baby boys and one little lady (i must include their father)
4. access to the gym. I've got to get one good sweat in a day
4 people I wish to Tag
1. Deanna
2. Dad
3. Bec
4. Sisters (that includes you Mandy:))

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Two Worlds

Have you ever heard of one single person merging their two favorite worlds into one. I really like that idea. If there was a magic Jeannie sitting in my kitchen granting wishes I think my number one wish would be to merge my Washington world with my Utah world. Since I can't do that and I'm visiting Washington. . . let's do a list. . . .I love a list. . . .OK my top 5 favorite things about Washington State.
1. Family Time all the Time! :)
Yes, it's true! I just can't get enough of family time. My husband is convinced that I have a genetic defect passed on from the past generations. . . something about being obsessed with sissy, got to call my mom, what is brother up to, how is dad's house? If I could hand place everyone. ..I would create a little island with all the people that I love and care about. Yep, you're included. :) For now I'll take shopping trips to the mall, dinner to red robin, hair parties, making jam for sister, and just hanging out watching the kids run. For some reason I can't get enough of that.

2. Cousins! Cousins! Cousins!
My heart feels so much joy when I see the little kiddo cousins running around giggling, holding hands, wrestling, dancing. . . really. . .just being silly loving each other. Let's go back to the days. .. yes to the days when I was growing up . . my nearest and dearest pals were and still are my cousins. It's almost like there is an invisible unbreakable bond that is there just because you're cousins. :)

3. Everyone love a Hair party!
Hair party? Yes, it's a hair party! I'm sure you are thinking what on earth is a hair party. A bunch of grown giggling women talking all about the things that you don't talk about. And we can't leave out becoming even more polished and beautiful than we already are. The hair party = loud laughter and good old fashion fun. This hair party started early, but typically they start far too late and go well into the evening or early am. Good thing we have two professionals in the family that graciously volunteer their amazing skills and talent to the cause. Love those hair parties.

4. Girls night out
It wouldn't be a girls night if Court didn't eat off every ones plate and summon all the attention to her. :) I really don't blame her. . . after all it is hard to get a word in edge wise with those Chatty Cathy's. We love you Courty Coo! And love loud dance party car rides. . .love making a spectacle of ourselves at the restaurant. Who knew four grown ladies out on the town without husbands or children could have all the eyes of everyone in the restaurant on them for the entire night. Yep, we were either that loud or we are that beautiful. :) Thanks for the treaty treat and Rachy's new special drink. I'm kind of addicted to hot water with lemons and splenda. Yummmy!

5. Any excuse to celebrate!
When was brother's birthday? Are we celebrating last years birthday? Oh! It doesn't really matter. . .it's just a good excuse to get together and *P*A*R*T*Y*!* Everyone loves a party. . .especially ME! It doesn't matter if it's a birthday, a holiday, a promotion, heck. .. .I got a haircut. . .let's party! Happy Birthday Brother.
Thanks for a great trip everyone! Can't wait to get back to Utah to love my Charming hubby, those bouncing off the wall boys and that smiley Whisky Tango Little Lady. Love my two worlds!