Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happiest Place

For some people it's Disneyland, for others it's Hawaii, for me it's Mason Lake. I just love love love this place. And so do these kids. . . (Yes dad. . life vest all day)The fair weather didn't even phase them. They just played and played and . . . played some more. Got to love tired kids and fun times at the end of the day.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


The LEGO store! We didn't buy much but we sure had a fun time checking out all the cool Legos.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Raspberry Jam Part 2

Never realized that per cup there is more sugar than raspberries in this jam. Now I know why this stuff is so dang good. . . I also realized why my kiddos act like the energizer bunny on crack half the time. They love this stuff. . . I think they would eat it by the spoonful from the jar if I would let them.

How can Sissy look so good after such a long day. . . I guess when you got it~you got it . . . The Mastermind behind the tradition. Thanks mom! Equally looking just as good! Tim doing what he does best . . coming in the last hour after four to steal the glory. Love him and his glory stealing.
Let's make Jam every year!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Raspberry jam

Got to love the NW! Cool temps and cloudy days smack dab in the middle of summer. Sure does bring me right back to my childhood. For years yummy homemade rasberry jam has appeared in our cupboards and OOOOOOOOOOOO how we have enjoyed it. I never actually experienced the jam making process. Let me tell you the process was loads of fun . .seriously. . .at least the berry pickin' part. . . 48 lbs of berries later . . .a lot of work. . but loads of fun! I think everyone managed to stuff their tummys full of their fair share of berries, somehow become covered in dirt from head to toe, and have a few good laughs in the meantime.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Love starting the day off with a little 5K with Sissy. She isn't exactly what you would call a morning person. Luckily for me she did warm up about half way through the race. Tim decided to go for the 10K, even though his shoes never pound the pavement he managed a dang good time. After the race, we decided to take Wall-e dog up to the canyon for a picnic and hiking. This was totally my kind of day. I planned it. That's what I do I plan things. . .and things were going so well. . . we ate. . .talked Barrett fat arms, and even snapped some fun pictures. . .. .
And then this happened. . . put just a little damper on things and cut our afternoon a little short. . ..really short. Thank goodness Aunt Lyss was with us. Tim and I were able to take Max to the ER together. Don't you worry. It didn't take Max long to recover and we just kept on celebrating the freedoms of America. Who knew throwing pop-its at Aunt Lyss could be so fun?!!? They are only showing their love for you Aunt Lyss. I think they love you ALOT. . .ALOT. . ..ALOT!
And . . .we did Sparklers. . .
We can not leave out a yummy yum treaty treat!
And a trick or two. Max thinks he is pretty dang funny. Who does that?? Who turns the spinklers on . . . .on their mom?? Stinker! I went easy on him. .. for heaven sakes the kid has staples in his head.

Sorry for the picture overload. I just started making mosaics and I couldn't stop. I Love America and I love my family so much. (You too Aunt Lyss~ Thanks for playing with us!) HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!

Friday, July 4, 2008

He will survive!

Uncle Ross asked if I started my frequent ER visit punch card. Dang it! We got another one of their cute $500+ trucks. This is the face of a kid that got hit in the head with a rock! Poor kid. . The cool staples that got put in. (Sorry I know it's kind of gross!)And 10 minutes later . . pretty much back to normal.There's my Max! I guess he will survive. I don't know if his brother will. . . he is going to be picking rocks for a good long time.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Utah 2008

The blog you've been waiting for. . . Well. . the blog some of you have been waiting for. I L*O*V*E a family trip and this one was packed full of fun, food, and good times. We are doing favorites this year and massive picture overload. Enjoy!
He is a simple guy with simple needs. A BBQ in the canyon with a surprise water fight would win over his heart anytime. The water fight was top on my list as well. I'm not usually a get in and get wet kind of girl, but I got land blasted and was ready for war. 100's of pictures and not a one of Tim. . . .but lots of others. . . Shauna Reading time. Yes it's true. Love quite kids begging for just one more story and after a long day seven quiet kids begging for just one more story was right up my alley.Max
It couldn't be . . wouldn't be . . .anything other than a visit from Captain Jack! I mean how cool is that??!??! A treasure hunt and everything when cousins are in town!! Thanks Captain Jack!


Alexanders favorite thing in the whole wide world is to be spoiled by his Uncle Ross and with a trip to Park City this kid was in Heaven. . . .shoulder rides, water balloon fights, and yummy yum food.
Barrett Boy
His favorite would definitely be Baby Haily! But since I can't manage to find a single picture of the two I think a close second would be Race day and the parade. He ran his little heart out. Besides that what kids doesn't like more candy than he can shovel?! Yes I do believe it was a hit!

Jacqualynn Grace

This little lady isn't happy unless she is in a swimsuit and up to her ears in water. More Water. . more water. . .more water. . .Pretty sure that she eats, sleeps, and drinks water. . water. . water.

Thanks everyone for making it a GREAT trip!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wall-e Fans!

How on earth could I add Wall-e to our family and only post one picture!!?!?!?! Silly me. Well I hope these pictures give you an idea of how fun our newest addition is.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Let the freedom festivities begin. Our family is always up for a good party. . and let me tell you a party this was. I think kids have been preparing for the neighborhood party all week. I really ought to be more specific ~ the kids have been preparing for the race (Parade) all week. They could hardly wait to get there, eat food, and start a racin'!

Here is our crew. Love them, love their cute grins and love it that they are all looking at the camera. They are smiling, but what they are really thinking is, "Come on mom, TODAY!"Max was so fast in the race I wasn't even able to get a picture of him. Rest assured he managed to still ride fast while maintaining his beauty queen wave. Alexander was a super speed racer. He ran through the sprinklers during the eating portion of the party. Lucky for me he managed a little self proclaimed pit stop to change shorts and returned color coordinated. Never did see Barrett boy in the parade. He pooped out at our house dropped his scooter off and ran back to the party. But he is no party pooper. . look at that grin. That says I love a party with lots of Raspberry drink.MY little cheeser. She is "Cheesing" big time for the camera. I discovered little Miss can actually scooter better than her brothers. Big surprise huh?

Happy Birthday AMERICA!