Monday, November 16, 2009

*Lola Maire*


Monday, November 9, 2009

Lola these days. .

These days there is plenty of sleeping. Love her little arms. Just like my other four.
Plenty of eating. . .
And. . .more than enough attention from the "big kids."
"Funny face!" Even Lola is getting the hang of it. Maybe that is her way of saying "HELP ME!!"
We are adjusting to our new addition and loving every minute of adding her to our family.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

*Halloween in Pictures*

First Bath

I don't know if this shows you how little our Lola is or how big our baby bathtub is. . . either way here is a picture of our Lola's first bath. She didn't like it. . . NOPE. . . not one bit..
I love this one. Yes I am one of those mothers. While my baby cries ~ I snap a picture or two. How cute are her little feet?
She says get me outta here. . .
And so I did. I wish I had a picture of her all cozy warm, but it was a wild morning. You know the kind were I ask myself do I have enough time to shower. . . .ewwww. . did I just write that??? Don't worry I did . . . I showered. I put the big kids in front of Netflix "watch instantly" and hustled through my morning. We were off to the doctors office where we learned that Lola isn't even on the charts. Not on the charts in a bad way. Girlfriend was in the 1%. So we have been visiting the doctors office daily. Who has time for that?? I guess we do. Happy Preterm Baby for us. We still love her and wouldn't trade her for the world, but now we are on a quest to fatten her up.


We are still loving our Lola!! Aww. . .
Big baby yawn. . This is how she is most of the time. . . eyes shut. . sound asleep. .
She has us all wrapped around her finger.

Candy Land Party

When Jacq and I decided on a Candy Land Party for her Birthday I was so excited. Her very first *Friend* Party. She was so excited. And I was so excited. How fun is that? CANDY LAND? I am so over Star Wars. . .Pokemon. . . Spongebob. . .Etc. . . but Candy Land I was all over. And then life happened. I landed in the hospital and was about to cancel the party that never got started. Aunt Lyss said, "No Way!" and came to the rescue. She took all my ideas and turned our house into a 4-year old play land.

The Invites
In the Candy land game there are little stops along the way. So for each stop we . . . "we" meaning I thought of an idea and Alyssa made the station amazing. I documented everything in pictures. So yes this is a VERY VERY long post.

*WELCOME. . .with Candy land colorings. . .
*A peppermint relay for the peppermint forest.
*Gumdrop pass. Guess how many gumdrops. . .
We heard everything from 11 to 61.
And the Birthday Girl happen to be the winner with 41. There were 50 gum drops.
Good thing she is good at sharing. Gum drops for everyone.

*Licorice Forest. Eat the licorice as fast as you can . . . .with . . . with. . .no hands. I loved this one. The kids were seriously so cute.
*Peanut Acres. Who doesn't like a bean bag toss? Super fun! How cute are these bean bags? My mom made them. The more color the better.
I think the kids could have done this station for hours.*Chocolate Swap.
No peeking. Gloppy hid one chocolate for every little friend. mummmmm. . . . .
*Lolipop Lanes.
Can those bowling pins get any cuter? To think those were once Soda bottles.
Another WINNER of a game. The friends could have played all day.
*Snow Flake Lake.
Fruit loop necklaces.
And. . .the Lady that made it all happen. We love you Aunt Lyss.*Candy Castle.
Love this idea. It came from here. Jacq has been eye*ing these cupcakes since June. "I need these cupcakes for my Birthday Party."And my mom whipped these right up. Thanks mom! And the birthday girl loved them.
And so did some friends.
And. . . a crazy brother who made a crazy smiley face.
Present time.
Lastly, we sent our friends home with colorful Candy Land party bags. YAY for fun parties. Awesome Helpers. Super friends. And a big girl turning four.