Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hoogle Zoo

 Usually when we go to the Zoo this is pretty much what I end up seeing. .. the backside of my children... They LOVE ~ LOVE ~ LOVE the zoo.. This time I managed to get some fun pictures of everyone..

 They are all kind of looking. Kind of.
 Besties. {Jacq and Taylor}
 Alexander.. Wait.. elephant. .
 I think i laughed at this for at least 5 minutes. GROSS!! It's the smell of Elephant poo! Ha! And gross!!
 Barrett Boy
 Some Group pics. Watson children.
 We packed hot chocolate and snacks. YUM! Good idea Mom! :)
 She always had a helper or two. Love her. Love that everyone is ready to be a Lola helper.
 Bunch of monkeys!
 Tay Tay.
 Cute Hay.
 One last group shot!
What fun! Thanks Auntie/cousins for playing with us!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The rest of the day.

 Later that morning Auntie Nana and Grandma and Grandpa Watson came over to spread even more Christmas fun. They brought over all kinds of awesome treasures for the children. They were beyond delighted..

 I always wish I took more pictures. I didn't really take any.. Tim took theses.. and the other Christmas parties it was mostly Alyssa. Anyway.. No pics of Watsons or Nana. Boo! Thanks for the treasures and visit.

After church we decided to head up to Tooele to spend some times with the Watson bunch. We don't see them very often so it was super fun to spend a few hours with them... Lounging around and eating way too much food!
 Merry Merry!!

Christmas morning.

Christmas Morning the children woke up to this.. stockings with an orange and a note from Santa.. This December the children were good children (kind of). They had many moments of bickering and squabbles. Santa wanted to take a minute to let the children think about how they could be better next year. I think it worked. They acted happy with their stockings and orange..

Eventually they realized that there may be more. And it happened to be just what they asked for!! YES!! Santa sent them on a little treasure hunt.
 American Girl doll Kate.
And Clothes. This girl is in Heaven.
Barrett Boy. That smile says it all.
 Lola Girl.
Our awesome Dad!!
Christmas morning was awesome!! Everyone was pretty happy and grateful for their treasures. Everything was a big hit! YEAH! Merry Christmas!