Tuesday, August 23, 2011

first day of school

Lola woke up just in time to tell the "Big kids" good-bye. Everyone had their backpacks on and they were ready to head out the door. Thank goodness Jacq re-gifted one of her old backpacks so Lola could feel apart of the whole "back to school" morning. We literally packed that bag around with us all day. Most of our conversation today consisted of..
LOLA ~ "Jacq..?"
Mom ~ "Jacq's at school."
Lola ~ "oh.. Maxie?"
Mom ~ "Max is at school."
Lola ~ "oh.. Barrett?"
You get the idea.. Than REPEAT!! She was missing all her little buddies. {Alexander she loves you.. she just has the hardest time saying your name. So most days we have two Barretts. :)}
Here is our awesome Watson Crew.

Max {4th grade}

Alexander {2nd grade}
Barrett {2nd grade}
Jacq {1st grade}

Everyone had a great first day. Jacq didn't look back.. she followed the neighbor boy right into class and never looked back. That girl is really something. Full of independence. Alexander and Barrett love love their teacher more than ice cream. And Max stopped begging to be home schooled. I'll take that as a good sign. Lola has been surviving her days with mom and quite likes visits to "Old Grandma's House!"

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I'll be honest. This lady does NOT love her a camping trip. Nope. Not really. Nadda. No Thank you! I love hiking. I love biking. I love to explore. I love smores. And night games. I really do love being in the outdoors. But camping. NOT REALLY MY THING! Yes I am shouting. :) It is A LOT of work. And to be honest with you.. the reward for me often times is not big enough for the amount of work. Maybe in a few years I will enjoy it, but for now.. I am so ok with backyard camping and our once a year camping trip. Wahoo Yuba!!
Couple big things this year. This big sand hill was a huge hit.



The water.. always fun times.. .

add a little boat ..

and .. and.. some fishing poles.. makes for an almost perfect trip!

Maybe next year we can get Lola to sleep. She kept checking on everyone.. it was just too much fun having everyone together in the same place at bedtime. It was a tough one! Love her!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Temple Square

I just love this place. There really is no place like Temple Square. I love that it is a stones throw away. I love the museums that provide a hands on experience. There are so many tender experiences that I can sit back and watch unfold. I love it! I smiled as Jacq lit up when she saw a sister missionary. "A girl missionary!" Or when Lola saw Jesus everywhere. She said softly over and over again, "Jesus.. Jesus.. " pointing in every direction. I enjoyed so much watching the boys run from one awesome exhibit to the next excited to learn and experience temple square. Such an awesome visit.

After our visit to Temple Square we cooled off in the fountains at Gateway. I didn't take many pictures. I was just busy enjoying our day, but there were a couple moments I just couldn't help myself. Melts my mommy heart to see my "big kids" love their sister so much!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lindon days

I have noticed over the years that I have unintentionally tried to encourage my children to develop the same interest and hobbies that Tim and I have. Maybe it is that whole {A family that plays together ~ stays together}. I don't know .. but so far it is working for us. There was a time when I liked to run. Tim likes to run. During Lindon days we headed down to this little children's race and had a good time.
The boys all lined up. Look at that body language. They are nervous!! Well except for my boy Max. He could really care less. He doesn't like to run.

This kid showed up first. He is my racer ~ This kid is going to be a runner. He is all heart!

Maxie boy was next. He is a shuffler. He just doesn't have heart. Love him.. but no heart. He will find it but right now he doesn't care.

Barrett was right behind him. So close behind him that I almost missed him. He tries so hard! He says he is "Bellybutton." I say "funny boy!" I don't know? :)
Here is my girl. In her skirt. Like usual. {funny girl}

Our youngest runner with her dad. {darling}

I love these days with these special people. {So blessed!}

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Oh my.. this little "pumpkin" melts me. She is one spunky kid. Our Lo*bug is definitely our babes! She is spoiled to her core. I just love everything (almost everything) about her. We are entering those terrible twos. {woof} Twos never really got to me .. but the fifth time around I am kind of over the twos! Here are my theories on lots of almost two year old type things. "You don't want to eat.. don't eat.. I am not going to be mad or frustrated but I'm not going to chase you ~ you will eventually eat when you are hungry." OR "You want to have an irrational 2 year old melt down... you go girl. You'll figure it out as I move on with my day!" Here is another one.. "You want to look like a mismatch little lady or wear shoes two sizes too big. You go the heck for it.. because you are my beautiful babes no matter what you wear." The one that kills me every single time. I am a sucker for it. .. "more.." and "more.." and "more.. " at bedtime for "more" songs.. or "rock" meaning will you rock me a little longer? She is the babes so I will always sing one more song.. and one more song.. and one more song. I will never pass up a chance to rock her a little longer. And I will always take an extra snuggle bug hug. It might just mean we need to start bedtime a little earlier.

I am happy to say that even though we have lots of terrible two moments.. we have lots of these quiet happy moments with our Lo*bug. Lots of reading time. Lots of singing with actions. Dancing. Smiles and hugs for everyone. Prayers. She loves to pray. Nice long prayers that prolong bedtime {smarty pants}. Water and swimming. Keeping up with those big kids. She is an all around happy kiddo living in her very own musical. She came into this world living in a musical and I hope that never changes.

Monday, August 8, 2011

I {heart} these two!

And chubby little fingers at the piano.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


We did it! We {I} made it to the finish line one rest stop at a time. I had a blast riding on my bike for over 100 miles {gasp} and even more fun hanging out with just Tim. Lucky me!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Lacrosse Camp

Max had so much fun with some of his best buddies @ Lacrosse Camp. Most days he came home exhausted. Excited about trying something new, but pretty stinkin' tired. I looked forward to his stories every day and hearing how cool it was to ride with the radio up and the windows down. {Mini vans and moms are sometimes so uncool!!}

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Date nights

This summer Tim and I decided to have individual "date nights" with each of our 4 oldest children. Oh my!! The kids have been talking about "their" special date.. at "their" special restaurant... and "their" special activity NON STOP!!! SERIOUSLY ALL THE TIME!!! I love it! They loved it. During their special night the kids beamed. They were in heaven having a night all to themselves with all of mom and dad's attention. It was all about them. We didn't get pictures of everyone.. at least I can't find them. .. :( but I have a few from Tim's phone.

Max .. Lucky ducky to be our first born!! He was the first one for "date night." We went to Texas Roadhouse {yum}. I have to say that the rolls were a huge hit! {Still talking about those rolls.} And you can throw peanuts on the floor?? Awesome.. weird!! Can't forget about that saddle. FUN TIMES!! Then off to Barnes and Noble. I love a visit to the bookstore. On the way home we went miniature golfing the "right way." Love him and loved spending time with just Max!

Alexander.. Off to Red Robin. This kid was in heaven.. chitty chatting it up with us.. our waiter.. lots of please and Thank yous.. {That's my boy} Red Robin was a huge hit with Mozzarella sticks and mud high pie. Heck yes ... {Still talking about that mud high pie.} We played a quick Watson style miniature golf game and ended the night with swimming. {Spoiled}

With Barrett boy we headed up to Chipotle. I love that place and so does Barrett. Pretty regularly Barrett talks about how we all need to go to Chipotles!! "You get rice.. and chips.. and soda.." :) Then off to miniature golf/Trafalga rides/Grocery shopping! Barrett does not love pastry/ice cream type treats.. but he loves him certain kinds of Candy. So Barrett was really excited to pick out a movie theater size candy treat.

Jacq was last and it was almost killing her to wait for her turn. We made Jacq's special date extra special just for her. We ate at Maglebys. Chocolate cake!! {YUM!} Fresh rolls!! {YUM!!} The stand out for Jacq was the giant root beer the waiter brought just for her. She thought it was amazing!!! After dinner.. we picked out a little outfit for back to school.. {lucky girl} Someone has been a little crazy for a bird.. so we stopped at the pet store just to take a peek. Lastly.. miniature golfing. I still don't know how we fit it all in with that girl!!! {Lucky ~ lucky girl!!}
Tim and I both enjoyed spending one on one time with our kids. It was so much fun to watch them beam and soak up every minute. It has even been more of a reward for me to hear them go on .. and on.. and on.. about "their" special date months after their date. {love them}