Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crazy Jacq. . .

Here is our little princess. We love her. Almost everything about her. She keeps us on our toes. She has a mind of her very own. I really don't type that lightly. :) She is one stubborn lady. Look at her outfit for instance. I went summer shopping for her and these two pieces she loved the very most. . . absolute favorites. So of course they go together. When they are clean they are on her together.

Yesterday I walked outside and I thought for sure that she had been run over by a car. Not only was she screaming, but it was like beyond super tragic. I asked her, "Jacq, are you OK? What happened?" I seriously thought she was going to die. I started interrogating her brother when she screamed in her overly dramatic cry, "Barrett hurt my feelings!!" HELLO!!! Of course it was the feelings?? What was I thinking??? I was like, "OK let's get over that." The screams and cries intensified x10. Is this girl for real?? Next thing I knew she practically collapsed on the driveway. Screaming all about feelings. Feelings this and feelings that. WOW!!
This AM, she stormed out her room and said without stopping, "MOM, where is my boss shirt? I need to wear my boss shirt because when I wear my boss shirt I am the boss of everyone and today I need to be the boss. When I wear my other shirts, mom you can be the boss, but when I wear the boss shirt, I AM THE BOSS!!" There was no interrupting Missy or changing her mind. Today she thought she was the BOSS!

My baby girl is full of drama after drama after drama. We have our little melt downs and moments on a regular basis. . . .like daily. Is this what it is like to raise a girl or is it just my little princess? One thing I know. . .when jacq is around there is never a dull moment. The brothers call her crazy Jacq. :) ha ha.

Monday, April 27, 2009


One big positive to having kids really close in age is that the three boys get to all be on the same soccer team this year. GO SHARKS!!! This mom loved every minute of that. Max went from "Flower picker" to one of the super scorer. It is amazing what difference one year can make.
This has to be the most I have seen Alexander hustle all year. ha ha. I think he was posing for my camera. Oh well he is super cute in his uniform and he sure loves those end of the game treats.
Barrett boy doing what he does best. . . standing. The ball could seriously be right in front of him and he would just look at it. :) He too is in it for the treats. Maybe next year he will be a mover. :)
Those treats I was telling you about. . . YUM!!

Easter BEST in pictures!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Easter am

Happy Easter A.M. for us. Most of the little rug rats are sleeping in their beds but insist on sleeping in their underwear. They would die if they realized that I posted these pics for the whole big bad world to see. Good morning Max!!Alexander boy.Barrett surveying his loot. Everyone has their own colored eggs. . . I love that. Such a Smart Bunny.CHEESE!!!Double Cheese!Nothing says Easter like pretties for lady. Almost all caught up. :) Hopefully I can/will be better about updating. Thanks for being apart of our life.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Easter fun

Have you ever seen this cute website?? Well it's way cute. . .and. . I developed an obsession for all those darling Easter cake pops. Silly I know. . .we had a girls night and it was way FUN!! Yay. . for girls night!
Jen and Alyssa having way too much fun.

On to something new. . .Here we are dying our Easter eggs. . . . Barrett just loves this picture of himself. Funny Boy!!
OK. That is good for me. :) If I make a post too long I start to get super frustrated!!! So more easter tomorrow. :)
And seriously if you have any insight into the blue funky underlined works please share. :)

St. Patricks day Part 2

The fun never ends at this house. That afternoon we headed on over to jump on it. The kids love this place and jump forever with wide open mouths and a grin that never stopped.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

St. Patricks day

Lots of excitement on Saint Patrick's day for everyone. Well almost everyone. Little lady is still waking up in the back. This boy woke up with a smile on his face wearing green.Oh and this cute boy. . .much cuter when he is awake. We (we as in the children) are sleeping on the floor with blankets in their underwear these days. . I have often asked myself why did we spend money on beds or pj's??A little green package puts a big smile on this lady's face.
Yay!! Fun for everyone!!Ha ha!! Max got a real big kick out of his new green shirt. The way the little stinker has been acting lately I got a real good kick out of it too!!!Happy day for a new post!! I'm not making any promises but hopefully I can post a few more here and there. :)