Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stewart falls

Love this hike. It really is such a beautiful hike. 
This girl is SO independent. 
When I mean "SO independent." I mean it! "Catch me if you can!"
 Stop my heart. I love this crew. Seriously. SO STINKIN' CUTE!
 Crossing the river.. 
 Twins. "We're like one!" Whenever I see pictures of these two like this I hear that phrase.. a phrase they use all the time.. "we're like one!" echo in my head. They are the best of friends for sure.
 We made it. What a great day. Grateful that I get to call them my family. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012


We thought we would brave the Three ponds hike, this year. It is a pretty flat hike with natural ponds at the end. Some of the children thought they would never make it. Longest hike ever! 
It was still a lot of fun taking this crew up. 
It's Go time. They are still pretty excited about hiking here. 
 Lola and her dad. Lola loves her dad so much! 
 These two girlies are the bestest of friends most days.. CUTE!
 The little crew.. 
 Our family ready to go!
 Sissy with her girls.
 My lady. She is a hiker.
Maybe not so much a good hiker. 
Let's be honest there are a lot of other things he would rather be doing, but he is a good sport.
 One of the ponds. They didn't hesitate to hop right on in. 
 Barrett boy.
 We had a pond all to ourselves. It was super duper fun.
 My Barrett boy.
 Go Jacq GO!
 Love that Hailey collected flowers on the way back to the car.. so pretty.
Bringing up the rear.. They made it.. YEAH!