Tuesday, May 31, 2011

*My Cowboys*


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Little Graduate!

Jacq had a great year in kindergarten. She L*O*V*E.. loved her teacher.. Ms. Cynthie. No matter what Ms. Cynthie said it was law at this house.. No matter who or what someone else might have taught Jacq.. it was Ms. Cynthie. {wish I carried that much weight} She adored her teacher. Center Stage was the perfect place for Jacq this year..

This is girlfriend breaking her karate board , "It was so easy mom!" My favorite part of the karate presentation every single time is when the kids all shout, "I know how to fight, but I choose not to!" and "Yes ma'am!" So stinkin' cute!

Who knew?? When Jacq grows up she wants to "be a ballerina." She is all girl right to her core.. lucky me. I mean look at that face.. she is going places. :)

Kindergarten graduation is funny. Who graduates from kindergarten? I have to admit.. I loved the program.. I love the kung fu panda karate routine.. Singing.. dancing.. the little caps and gowns. .. I loved being apart of it... but.. it's still kind of funny..

What makes my girl happy ~ makes her momma happy.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Catch the Reading bug!

Alexander and Barrett worked so hard on their end of the year "reader theater" program. The songs were darling. .. actions were super cute... the reading parts flawless. I smiled.. I laughed.. I laughed so hard I couldn't keep my camera straight... I even felt nervous for them.. {I didn't need to.} It was a*dor*a*ble
{I loved my little Dr. and Humpty Dumpty!!}
I thought I would share a little snip from the program.

{proud momma}

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hiking the *Y*

Monday, May 9, 2011

"I'm going with it"

Why not?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day!

I feel like one very blessed Momma Bear!! When I was a little girl..I didn't play with dolls! I didn't coo over babies! I didn't particularly enjoy babysitting. I never had this overwhelming desire to mother. I could be considered a little cold. I held my feelings all on the inside. Nurturing was not my number one quality. I remember feeling very career minded. I was going to change the world {sigh}. While in High school I was going to work for the FBI.. A field agent.. Something fast paced and exciting! Once married.. I was leaning towards marriage and family therapy. I am fascinated with relationships and the way people can work together to create something beautiful. But once these babies started coming into our home.. There was no question. I knew without a doubt I was going to be first and foremost a MOTHER!

I know there is a miraculous plan. I am baffled when I try to comprehend the details. I believe that Heavenly Father is there. Somewhere. And sometimes he is in every last detail of our lives.. guiding us. And sometimes he lets us make our own decisions. {Big decisions} The decision to mother.. and mother 5 .. and mother these children somewhat close together was definitely directly inspired from up above. While I wouldn't change it for the world, I would have NEVER planned my life this way. I am grateful every day. Grateful for giggles. Grateful for tears. Grateful for hugs. Grateful for adventures. Grateful for interesting conversations. Grateful to train.. nurture.. teach and learn. Grateful to be a MOTHER!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Max: "Mom, my friends said that they don't "play" anymore.. "
Mom: "Oh yeah.."
Max: "Yeah.. they said they "hang out!"
Mom: {chuckle} "Ok.. what do you think of that?"
Max: "Whatever.. I'm going with it."
Mom: "Oh yeah.. You're going with it?!" {More chuckles}
Max: "Sure.. why not?!" {with a big smile}
Mom: "Sweet.. when are we "hanging out?!"

I love that kid! And when I'm lucky he will still hold my hand. "I'm going with it" has become a little catch phrase at our house!


We are ready for summer at this house. This Lola girl would spend every waking minute being busy OUTSIDE. She is constantly on the go ~ go! When she is outside.. she is happy.. content.. and loving her world. And... so am I!!

Fifth Water Hot Spring

Breath taking * Family time * Smiles * Waterfalls * Hand holding * red rock * Beautiful * one on one time * perfect length * one hour there * 45 minutes back * swimming * Hot springs * powerbars * Missing lense cap * steep cliffs * Running * Two thumbs up * Perfect Saturday Morning *