Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Max's Birthday

I can be such a party pooper. When Max asked if he could have a birthday party I had to think twice. I love the planning. Love it. Look at this. It's fun. I get to take an idea and try to think of something simple but fun/special just for my boy.

It was really much cooler than these pictures. Everybody loves treats. :)
We decided on Dodge ball and Avengers. Boys have so much energy. When they get together you can pretty much triple it. They are all so excited to be together it just feels like a mad house. (That's the part I don't love so much). I thought dodge ball would be a good idea to burn some of that never ending boy energy. It was..
It looked like everyone was having fun!
Birthday boy!
Barrett choose to sit this one out.. It's good because friends started to drop out left and right.
Even our dad go into it..
It was a pretty short couple of dodge ball games because WOW some of those more athletic boys are aggressive and like to put the smack down.
Movie time. My Lola babes!
Party hardy Alexander.
I shouldn't be negative. It really did turn out awesome and everyone seemed to have a good time. (It was just really really wild!!)
Present time. Max has very generous friends. He really is such a good boy. He attracts good people. Max ended up having such an amazing time surrounded by his bestest friends = all worth it.
Happy Birthday Max! We love you!

Friday, September 21, 2012


Every other year all three boys are on the same soccer team. I *L*O*V*E* LOVE it! This has been the year! All three of them occasionally have their "check out" moments, 
but for the most part this whole soccer thing is starting to click.
I am about 100% sure that one of my challenges is to develop some serious patience. Woof. It is always something with Alexander and Barrett. Bless their hearts.{Say Cheese}
Here we go! {kind of}
That didn't last long.
OVER. At least they are having fun. :)
All three boys out on the field. 
Couple action shots. 
Barrett boy

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Book + activity for hours

I am so glad I came across these pictures. I had such good intentions of doing a book + activity with Lola every single week. If there is one thing this girl loves it is BOOKS! She loves them. She will read for hours. I use the word "read" loosely..  She looks at all the colorful pictures for hours. Lo bug is very creative and makes up very fun stories to go along with the pictures for hours. She also uses some serious inflection in her voice for hours. Did I write for hours.. well.. it really is for hours. I need to get back to doing this with her.

For reals. For hours.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Yellowstone Town

We spent a fair amount of time just wondering the little town just outside of Yellowstone. Tim and the boys wondered out one night while the girls and I were "relaxing." They had a blast. When those 4 wonder off it is always a good time. They have the pictures to prove it...
 Barrett was sure he needed his picture taken with every bear single last bear. ... after all he is our "Bear."
Good bye Yellowstone. Until next time.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


We had no idea what to expect when we headed to Yellowstone. We were hopeful we would see a lot of wildlife, Good Old ~ Old Faithful, and maybe a little on the path hiking. Pretty excited.

Someone started our adventure a little bored. {UGH}
Look at all that hair. I love his hair. Max really has the best hair.
I don't remember what this was called.. but it was cool. First stop. We already saw an elk out in the fog. Lucky Ducks.
Back in the car. Still bored.
After a few buffalo sightings we made our way to Old Faithful. {Family picture}
Still not super happy. Let's just say Lola is NOT a morning person.
There she blows.
This was a favorite spot. We decided to break at this lake, throw rocks, and stretch. Someone is FINALLY happy.
Jacq and Mom. Love her.
Barrett boy. I love how white his hair gets in the summer. {LOVE}
Alexander's too-
I just love that Max has hair. I need to be over these boys and there hair but.. but.. I just love their hair.
And these shoes. WOW. These are a favorite. We are talking every day kitty shoes. So glad I found these for my little kitty.
When we started the drive we thought there was a chance we wouldn't see a buffalo. What? We saw too many to count. We were so lucky! Seriously!
Pretty excited!
We saw a couple in the street.
We even saw a "Buffalo car." AWESOME!
 This is sure getting long. More mud.
 Happy. I like happy.
Best friends.
 I know I write about this a lot but it just makes my mommy heart so happy. They are goofy, crazy and have a lot of fun together.. 
Waterfall. I know longest post ever. It was the longest day as well but it really was so awesome! 
 Last stop.
 So pretty.
 The children were way into it. At the end of the day we realized that we had an amazing trip. Lots and lots of wildlife, Old Faithful, and lots of fun hiking. Lola even warmed up and enjoyed the day.
Can't wait to go back! Yeah Yellowstone.