Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Where do I start??? YUBA! It was so much fun and I have so many pictures. .Massive pictures. . tooooo many pictures. . here I go anyway. . .
First. . . Thanks to Aunt Jen and Uncle Ross. We had an awesome day at the lake.BOAT TIME
Max could not get enough time behind the boat.
Scouts honor Alexander is having fun. . Promise. . he is just concentrating . . really hard!!!Him too. . . I know this might surprise you. . . but he asked to go again. . . and again. . and again. . . Look how fun!! Even our little fish went. . BEACH TIME


Monday, July 27, 2009

More Hiking?

Yes more HIKING!! These boys got up at 6 am again and hit the trail. I can not . . seriously . . CAN NOT wait to join them next year for their adventures. Love these cute boys. . . . . .and this goofy one . . Yes him shorts on backwards. Who's his mother??. . . and especially this one. . . he's my favorite. In fact, he called me "Jolly" the other night. Who calls the Big momma "Jolly"? I don't know what "Jolly" reminds you of. . .but for me. . Santa for sure. . . So what is Timmy really saying here?? Don't worry I still love him. Does it get more precious than this?? Makes this mommy heart happy. I love my boys.WOW. . I so must be pregnant. I am sure talking a lot about love??


I am becoming little Mrs. homemaker. Look at me here. . . Just call me Canner canner girl, because I can now. With the help of Alyssa. . . (sorry sissy. .)
and my mom. . . .I don't know how she looks so great at midnight, but she does. . .she's the mom. Oh and that is canner canner girl "thinking skinny. . ." . . . Cause we all know I really look like this. . . Big momma!!! Don't worry I'm loving it. There is a time and season and right now mine is to be a big momma for one last time. :) Back to canning. . . . apples. . yum. . this is Auntie Jo's famous recipe and it is amazing. Don't worry next week is peaches. Mom you coming back?? I so need your help!! :)

Girls Night!

My little Jacq loves loves loves a girls night. All night in her sweet (I mean Sassy) little voice she kept singing, "Girls night ~ Girls night!" The pink and purple ice cream could have been dog food flavor and Missy still would have ordered it. . . . for our little 3 year old pink and purple is were it is at. Thanks girls!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hiking the Y.

These two boys are crazy. They woke up just after 6am and headed out to HIKE the Y. I of course sent them out with a camera from the comfort of my cozy bed. They decided to end their fun by sharing an "IHOP" breakfast with the rest of us. YUMMY YUM!! Let's do this every morning. SERIOUSLY?!!

Toothless Wonder!

I have been informed by this dimpled faced 6 year old that I shouldn't call him Maxie, Maxie Doodle, Doodle, Dimples, nothin', no nicknames. No nicknames at baseball, soccer, swimming, pretty much anywhere except behind close doors. He says, "Mom, Just Max works just fine!" So there you have it. . . just Max is growing up way too fast!!


Hi! It's me. A rather growing me!! Tim is insisting I put one of those cute baby growing buttons on the side of our blog. He is funny. My Timmer doesn't ask for much so when it finally appears you'll know why. I'm 23 weeks and growing. Growing. GROWING! Sometimes I dream to be one of those cute pregnant ladies that stay little and darling. Not this big momma!! I just grow and Grow and GROW. I try not to obsess about it bc it all comes off. . . right?? I'm not saying it doesn't take work but . . .it comes off. At least the first three times it did.
best*the kids have been so fun with baby 5 on the way. By far this has been such a great highlight for me. They named our baby GUS GUS the day we told them we were expecting.. . girl or boy this baby tummy was going to be GUS. So far it has stuck and our little lady is a GUS!! They talk about Gus every single day. Ask questions. Get excited about kicks. Understand extra quiet times. Can't wait to all be helpers. Too cute.
worse*Let's hope the worst is behind us. This has been by far my most stressful pregnancy. Weeks 21-23 have been filled with lots of pregnant lady emotions, but everything is looking up up up. So we are staying positive and enjoying each moment of being pregnant.