Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Toothless Wonder!

I have been informed by this dimpled faced 6 year old that I shouldn't call him Maxie, Maxie Doodle, Doodle, Dimples, nothin', no nicknames. No nicknames at baseball, soccer, swimming, pretty much anywhere except behind close doors. He says, "Mom, Just Max works just fine!" So there you have it. . . just Max is growing up way too fast!!


Lyss said...

Oh just don't know if I can break the habit of calling the kid Doddle or Maxie Doodle!!! Come on, tell him I already had to give up Maxie Poo Poo :)

Becca said...

Ha! How funny is he. He is getting SO big... especially when he requests that! Too cute!

Doreen said...

That make me so SAD! I can't believe how BIG he is now. I remember when he was a little guy and he bumped his head on the stairs and we laughed at him, and then he kept doing it so we would keep laughing. =)