Monday, January 25, 2010

A talking. . .

Motherhood is starting to get fun. . even the 5th time around. I'm not one to love love love the newborn stage. I mean. . .eat. . poop. . . cry. . eat. . .poop. . . cry. . no sleep. . SO NOT MY THING!! When my babies start to interact. . Oh heaven help me. When Lola gets a talking ~ this lady stops everything. She will just go on a talking and a coo~ing for her whole life. Pretty sure someday she will be able to out talk our Jacq. . . and that my friends is a gift!

Friday, January 22, 2010

It's that time again. . .

Piano recital time. . . Too much fun!! I think I get more nervous than he does. . . I mean look at him. . . but not to close. . . you might see the filing in his left tooth. . . :)
That's more like it . . here is my blurry. . dimply boy. Love him.
And again here with one of his best buddies. I'm glad they have each other.
Now the moment you have been waiting for. . . Look for it. . look for it. .
Yes that was "the point". . .Tim has been coaching him for days. I had to cheer because he actually had the nerve to do "the point." I think he was more nervous about "the point" than he was about his actually recital piece. You might notice him looking for his dad towards the end of the video.. . oh dear. . what will I ever do with those two.

I just love watching his hands go wild. Well. . maybe not so wild. . but. . I love it all the same. . .

Proud of you Maxie Boy!


This family decided to take the plunge and really commit to skiing this year. Oh WOWSER!! We are really loving everything about winter . . we are tracking the forecast and jumping up and down when we see little white flakes of snow fall from the sky. Wed night Alexander, Aunt Lyss and I had date night on the mountain. . .
Nothing says I like to ski like this face. . . .This kid is fearless. He waves at everyone he sees and gets the chair lift a cheering. . . "GO LITTLE GUY!!" He does these little mini jumps down the hill and is always ready to try something new.
The flames on his helmet seem very fitting... he is a spitfire. Sometimes I think it is a race to the chair life. He just may have yelled a time or two for his mom and Aunt Lyss to "GO faster. . remember french fries!!"
There is no time for a lodge break. This kid finds a cozy spot on the hill for his Hot COCO . .because no trip to the mountain is complete with out a hot coco break.
Always. . .always a good time with little friend!


My cousin, Ryan Barrett and his girlfriend have been reported missing. They were headed to the Sierra Mountains in California on Saturday and were suppose to return on Monday.

Please Please pray for them.

Here’s the press release that’s going out today:

"Ryan Barrett and his girlfriend, Viola Liu left on Saturday, January 16, at 2:00 p.m. to go camping with their three dogs (2 huskies & a lab) in his red 2005 Toyota Tacoma pick up truck (with shell.) They were scheduled to return home on Monday evening, January 18, 2010. We have not heard from them. We need your help. We filed the attached missing persons report on Wednesday, January, 20, 2010 in the early morning with the Fremont police. The problem is Ryan did not tell us where they were going. Ryan told his father, “We think we’ll go to the Sierra Nevada to play in the snow.” We fear they were caught in the storm.

The police need leads. Our families need leads. We need you to broadcast this to your audience as soon as possible in the hope that someone saw them and we can focus our search efforts. KCBS has already run the story, but I need to reach more people and so many people get their news on line.

Ryan is a white 31 year old male, 5′9″, blue eyes, brown hair, and his smile lights up the room.

Viola is a Chinese-American woman, slim, 31 years old female, 5′7″, brown eyes, brown hair with highlights and a quiet beauty. (The photo makes it look like her hair is blondish, it isn’t)

Ryan is familiar with the mountains, very strong and brought a tent, sleeping bags, camping gear, dog food, freeze dried food and water.

We have been looking for them since Monday.

Thank you for your help.

God speed."

Thank you!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Every month Alexander and Barrett memorize a little poem complete with actions for their kindergarten class. They have been razzing me about putting a little video of them on our blog. They just love that this blog is all about them. They just might . .maybe just a little take after their momma. :) So here is their January poem. If I am lucky you (my two loyal blogging friends) may watch it once, but I am sure that they will watch it at least 100 times. :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


That mini mom photo shoot ended!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Lola ~ 3 months

Here is our little wiggle worm. It is nearly impossible to get a good picture of this girl because she is constantly engaged in movement. Besides doing the regular eating. . pooping. . crying. .and not sleeping. . this three month old is one smiley little lady. . is a coo~ing like crazy and is getting love from just about everyone that walks in our door. Some nicknames for our little Lola are. .Lola Bear or like Jacq likes to say, "Curly Bear", Lolap (Seriously Alexander ~ Lolap. . who knows? This is the same kids that calls Disneyland ~ Dingyland) Anyway I thought I would update with a couple pictures so I can get out of the doghouse. :)