Thursday, August 23, 2007

Game ON!

It's already soccer time again. YEAH! I think soccer will be extra fun for Max this year. Max discovered he is on a team with a few of his neighborhood friends. There is no holding back! I wouldn't exactly say that Max is super aggressive or that he attacks the ball, but he is no longer lingering 10 feet behind the ball. Max had a great first game. . . he scored his first real goal ever. He was excited and quite impressed with himself. In fact, later when his dad inquired about his goal he said, "Yeah, I scored a goal ~ I was so impressed!" The soccer league might have to watch out for these big boys they are ready to play.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First Day of School

Max was just sure that switching schools was going to be the end of him. He had convinced himself that he wouldn't survive without his preschool teacher and friends from last year. Poor Max has been dreading changing schools all summer long. He just wasn't going to like his new kindergarten no matter what. Surprise! Surprise! Max can't get enough! He loves his teacher and is making new friends everyday. Max thinks it is so fun that they get to switch classrooms every day. Some days he is in Art ~ other days it is cooking ~ Music ~ Science ~ everyday is a new adventure.

These two boys couldn't get into their classroom fast enough. Alexander and Barrett are thinking all this Preschool business is a lot of fun! They have already started asking if they can go back tomorrow. No big tears or cries for mom ~ just big smiles and good-bye ~ see you later.

And now 3 days a week it's just me and Crazy Lady. What will we ever do with ourselves? Maybe shopping. . . .maybe park.. . maybe potty training. . . of course nails. . .and hair. . .just good old fashion girl time. I've said it before ~ and I'm sure I'll say it again ~ but I just can't resist . . . . "Stop growing up!"

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Worry Wart. . .

Tim and I had really good intentions of teaching Max how to ride a bike since he was about 3 years old. I guess time just got away from us. As a result of Max literally riding the training wheels off his bike he learned to officially ride like a big boy. I'd like to think that his two brothers are shortly behind him, but last time I checked they are still running down the sidewalk pushing their Fred Flinestone bubble cars with their crocs on the wrong feet. I think Jacqualynn Grace will ride a bike before Alexander and Barrett. . . .After all, yesterday she was teaching them how to ride a tricycle. :) Max was a little cautious about this whole bike riding business at first, but it didn't take long and he was cruising across the parking lot with his worry wart father right in tow. It wouldn't be a smashing experience unless the kiddos could convince mom to take a spin on the bike as well. Crazy Mom! Two thumbs up for Max and Way to go Mom!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cruising Together :)

Tim said if I don't change my most recent post my friends are going to stop checking my blog. :) I'm sure you are tired of looking at my 'trim and fit' friend. . . .so. . .Are you ready for some Watson family Florida/cruising Highlights??!?! We went on a Caribbean cruise with the entire Watson Clan. With our four little ones there is plenty of quiet do nothing in your ‘smaller than a closet' stateroom. If you’re interested here are our trip highlights . . .
After approximately 10 hours of being either in the airport or on an airplane we finally arrived in Florida. Can you image flying with 4 children 4 and under?? It is as rough as you can imagine. . . .YIKES! . . . Pretty much a complete nightmare! I wish I was exaggerating. We are still determining whether or not we like those four little rug rats. Although they just about killed us on this little excursion they sure look darling in their semi matching outfits and their Roller Bags of Fun!

I almost felt as if we were in the ghetto when we arrived at our hotel in Miami Beach, FL (maybe it was the ghetto). Regardless, we stayed at the most dumpy, Whisky Tango, don’t go out alone Hotel in Miami. On a more positive note it had a great swimming pool that the children couldn't get enough of and immediate access to the beach. What more could I ask for?? I love it that Max was willing and excited to take fun underwater pictures. It only took about two minutes, but it sure made me smile.

I scream ~ You scream ~ We all scream For Ice Cream! Who doesn’t love Ice Cream? Good thing the Carnival has them available 24 hours a day. Today we loaded up on our cruise ship. The only way I can think to describe the loading process was literally like herding cattle. Back to the ice cream . . . the kiddos had at least five cones in the first hour. I’m pretty sure I had at least seven. I am just a little bit regretting writing the “Trim and Fit” post. Maybe I should have waited until after the cruise. Anyway, I’ve sworn off Ice Cream all together . . . the overload on ice cream totally made me sick. I suppose moderation would have been a good thing. . . I’ve decided I better find something else to do for the next 7 days besides EAT ice cream!

We discovered that the swimming pools are not exactly what we expected aboard this sweet little Carnival ship. They are pretty small, a little deep, and full of salt water. Who knew? That combination didn’t sit very well with the Tim and Shauna Watson Kiddos. The sting of the salt hurts their little eyes and I think ‘Whisky Tango’ almost drown twice. She is pretty sure that she is invincible and just jumps right in with a big smile on her face. Thank goodness the few times it happened I had a close eye on her and was near by. We did discover a mildly warm chlorinated hot tub and the kids have declared, “We must go swimming there every day.” So we do! Happy Swimming!

Is there ever time for just Mom and Dad? Well . . . kind of . . . maybe not at the same time. . . . Today we did discover Camp Carnival. It is a little camp for kids age 2-5. Yes, we tried to fudge on Jacqualynn Grace’s age, but were quickly discovered and she was not welcomed to participate in the program - rules state only children 2 and over can participate… and yeah, they check with the birth certificates on file! We took the three boys up to Camp Carnival today were they made Bob the builder tool belts and created little fishes to take home. They love the camp and I loved the gym located next door. I think we’ll do that for the rest of the trip. I’ve got to work on those 5lbs I’ve already gained. It’s not from the fabulous food because it really isn’t that fabulous . . . I suppose eating is what you do on a cruise ship . . . eat . . . eat . . . and eat some more. I know I’ll regret it when I get back, but it still doesn’t stop me from ordering 3 desserts at the dinner, and sneaking up for a late night hot chocolate or that morning hot chocolate, or that treat at lunch. . . I suppose you’re getting the idea. I’m just doing what I’m good at . . . EATING! Grandma and Grandpa have been great about taking the kids for us, but Tim still isn’t feeling quite up to par. He took Grandma up on having Jacqualynn in her room tonight and tucking the kids into bed and then headed to bed himself. Poor Timmy!

Who wouldn’t fall in love with the Carnival Towel creations (The house keeping crew folds towels to look like animals)? The kids run into our stateroom every night to see what creation is awaiting them. Some nights it is a bulldog, other nights a sting ray, or elephant, it is always something different. The boys take turns giving the towel creation loves and kisses then proceed to destroy their cuddly little friend. I guess that is boys for you. The towel animals are pretty stinking cute. The kids love them so much that we even picked up the Carnival Towel Creation book to make them at home. Thanks dad you think of everything.

Today the ship ported in San Juan. I don’t know what the heck there is to see or do in San Juan, but we made a pretty fun discovery. Today I discovered the souvenir I just thought I couldn’t live without. There was a little shop called Del Sol. In the shade these little souvenirs (t-shirt, hair clip, fingernail polish, sunglasses, watches, etc) are one color and in the sun another color. Honestly it’s silly . . . and it makes me chuckle that this is the one souvenir I just thought I had to have. It puts a big cheesy smile right on my face so I suppose it’s worth it. I just knew my little boys would be tickled to watch their toenails go from blue to green. So I loaded up on polish . . . blue/green for the boys. . . .Sparkle/pink for the girls. It’s fun and mommy knows best ~ the boys L*O*V*E* love it!
I would have never guessed that a dollar would have brought so much darn good fun and laughter. We discovered this little pigeon park tucked way away at the top of a really big hill. The trek up the hill felt especially big with the Caribbean heat, but it was well worth it. The boys chased what felt like hundreds of little pigeons for hundreds of minutes or at least it felt like hundreds of minutes. It probably wasn’t that long, but I’m telling you with this heat you need a big glass of ice water and a swimming pool to be a happy camper. It was good fun and all the bird food you could hand out for only $1. I’m sure it’s the best one dollar I’ve spent on this trip . . . I know it is hard to believe but it was really that much fun.

We couldn't get off the ship without playing one more round of miniture golf. The little ones would beg to take the 'pretty elevator' up to the eleventh floor inorder to practice their swing. I wouldn't consider their round of golf exactly like a typical round of miniture golf. It happened a little more like this. . . everyone would drop their ball at once and start a swingin'. Tim and I had to be extra careful or we would end up with a club in our face. There was big smiles this evening and the little ones kept asking if we could miniture golf someday in Utah.
DAY 10
Well you never really appreciate something until it is over. During our day of travel to get back to the house we had a lot of time to think about this vacation....all the work.... all the fun... and all the sick time for Tim! At the end of the day we had some pretty great times and want to thank everyone for making this happen. We might not get on another cruise boat for the next few years, but we will the memories from this trip to last a lifetime.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Trim and Fit

Life is too short to be big and beautiful. To eat treats all day long. . .have no energy . . . and to be unhealthy. Recently I've developed an interest in pursuing a more healthy lifestyle. That doesn't mean cut calories, lose weight and look like a rack of bones. I have been interested in 'How can I maximize my workouts? What is a great balance between weight training and cardio? How do I combine a protein and a carb to create a great meal for my body? Heck forget about me . . . how do I get my kiddos off Sugar cereal and Mac and Cheese everyday?" This little journey has been incredibly educational and life changing. . .not only for me, but for my little family. Max and I went on a little grocery shopping 'date' the other night and Max insisted on playing the 'what is good for your body game.' It isn't about image for me. I felt fine about me. . .heck I was even down to my pre-baby weight and feeling great about that. All you moms out there know what a challenge that can be after four kids (after any kids). After I wrote my Treaty Treat post. . .reality really struck and it bothered me A LOT that I was a very unhealthy person. . .I was thin but I mean who eats 10 treats a day? :) Come on . . . I know there are some of you out there-It couldn't have been just me and my friend ballenda (see picture above). But let's be honest it's not good for your body. This '10 treats a day lifestyle' wasn't doing any favors for my energy levels not to mention the example I was setting for my husband and children. The kiddos ate junk cereal, pizza, nuggets, hot dogs, fast food, and treats all the time. So now I am on a quest to maintain a healthy lifestyle by combining a great diet (with lots of yummy food :)) and an intense exercise program (at least for me it's intense). Ah. . . that was a lot of information. WOW! I'm pretty sure there is a purpose to this post. Healthy lifestyle ~ that's right . . . Honestly it's hard to change overnight and you have to be ready not to mention be in the right mindset. Let's be honest you have to want it. It takes time and willpower. . . . A LOT of willpower-especially if you have a piggy pig husband who eats all kinds of treats! I guess I just want to encourage anyone who needs some encouragement to add something new to your lifestyle every week, every two weeks. . whatever works for you to create a lifestyle that will allow you to feel happy and healthy. Heck you can even go cold turkey. .. . It could be as easy as drinking 1 liter a day of water. . . than bump it up to 2 liters until you reach the recommended 4 liters of water a day. Or walk around the block. . .then two blocks. . then jog. :) If you decided to join the quest of being healthy and fit . . .Good luck to you and lets compare notes.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pay Day

Today my little mommy heart smiled. :) It really isn't a big deal. . . but for my little mommy heart. . . it felt huge. While the 3 boys and their good friend Ethan were eating snacks I walked downstairs to find a pretty clean playroom. They had actually picked up the majority of their mess and it looked good! There was no prompting. . .no threats. . . no deal making. . . .no help from me, just a clean playroom. . . .It's a little thing, but it sure made my mommy heart smile. . . In fact, I'm still smiling about it. :) For me, being a mom is a lot of wiping little bum bums, bickering between the little old women, scraped knees and tears, overwhelming amounts of laundry, cleaning. . .more cleaning, mixed in with simple little rewards. I guess I just got paid today.