Sunday, September 15, 2013

Thursday, August 22, 2013

$2 Tuesdays

Thanksgiving point is a blast! We decided to meet up for $2 Tuesdays. I am pretty sure sissy set it up because she thought I would break down on the first day of school.. but this year the firsts day of school was filled with lots of Hells to the yeah! Anyway - it was still an all around awesome day. Sometimes I wonder why I bring my camera to places like these.. or the zoo.. or anything where for the majority of the time I am looking a the backside of these kids. 
 See what I mean.
 More backside.
It is so worth it when I do get an awesome picture. Like this one of my horse loving girl. So brave!
 Or to capture this guy when he is just totally done. 
He was loving it for awhile. See ... all smiles. 
We loved on the horses.
And cows.
Road the wagon! 
 together but not like on each others laps.
 We played with ducks.
 All of us. 
 Even with food (Thanks Aunt Lyss). She thinks of everything. 
Too much fun with these people.
 It wouldn't be an outing without Aunt Lyss suckers.
 The next day this girl got all ready for the day and said, 
"OK Mom.. I'm all ready to go to the farm!!" She is for sure a farm girl in her heart.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to school

This is for you mom! The first day of school 2013-2014. Wahoo! I have never been too excited for school start, but this year we were ready at our house. The children were craving more of a schedule and a routine and I am pretty excited that my family room is going to stay clean for at least 6 hours. It was pretty rough getting these "big kids" to crank out a smile. You can't tell by the pictures but they were so stinkin' excited for school.

Max - Age 10 - sixth grade.
Alexander. This kid even did his hair. Age 9. 4th grade. (Portland shirt!)
 Barrett Boy. Age 9. 4th grade. (Portland Shirt)
 Jacq. Age 7. 3rd grade.
 Gee - I sure love these four. 
 School was awesome for EVERYONE.
Sleeping beauty was loving the big kids gone.
  She had a special play date with cousins (Thanks Aunt Lyss) and mom all to herself. It was pretty awesome. At the end of the school day she did NOT want to pick up the big kids. She said, "I don't want the kids to come home." "The kids are happy where they are!" We talked about our future adventures and she got over it. Love a baby 5. They just roll with life.
more adventures coming... (hopefully)

Thursday, June 13, 2013


This is a blog about the BBQ!!! I cant wait for you guys to find the picture of you. IF YOU WENT!!!!!!
                                                                    Harper - The youngest kid
                                                 Who says i like Popsicle more then pictures??
This is the only picture with aunt Jen
Lola is like the best Popsicle eater i know.
                                                              best friends picture

Jaxson come over here
                                           Ma Deb and COLTEN (the long lost cousin)
                                         THE ONLY picture with jacq smiling
                                               I like a cheesy smile every once in a while :)
                                                                    Another cheeser!
                                                                 choking Barrett
This is Taylor. If you look close enough you can see Barrett trying to do bunny ears. Caught you!
This is the ONLY PICTURE of JD.. Did you hear ONLY PICTURE with JD??
                                                                        HI dad!
                                                                  Pretty Auntie! (mom wrote that one)
                   This is the only picture with me in it.. well the only one that i dont look like a coca nut