Monday, January 18, 2010

Lola ~ 3 months

Here is our little wiggle worm. It is nearly impossible to get a good picture of this girl because she is constantly engaged in movement. Besides doing the regular eating. . pooping. . crying. .and not sleeping. . this three month old is one smiley little lady. . is a coo~ing like crazy and is getting love from just about everyone that walks in our door. Some nicknames for our little Lola are. .Lola Bear or like Jacq likes to say, "Curly Bear", Lolap (Seriously Alexander ~ Lolap. . who knows? This is the same kids that calls Disneyland ~ Dingyland) Anyway I thought I would update with a couple pictures so I can get out of the doghouse. :)


Deanna said...

L-O-V-E her!

Jen said...

cute cute...looks just like her momma!!! :) :)

Becca said...

Simply darling pics of Lola. She's such a doll! I can't believe she's getting so big. My fav is the last pic!!!