Sunday, September 9, 2007

Two Worlds

Have you ever heard of one single person merging their two favorite worlds into one. I really like that idea. If there was a magic Jeannie sitting in my kitchen granting wishes I think my number one wish would be to merge my Washington world with my Utah world. Since I can't do that and I'm visiting Washington. . . let's do a list. . . .I love a list. . . .OK my top 5 favorite things about Washington State.
1. Family Time all the Time! :)
Yes, it's true! I just can't get enough of family time. My husband is convinced that I have a genetic defect passed on from the past generations. . . something about being obsessed with sissy, got to call my mom, what is brother up to, how is dad's house? If I could hand place everyone. ..I would create a little island with all the people that I love and care about. Yep, you're included. :) For now I'll take shopping trips to the mall, dinner to red robin, hair parties, making jam for sister, and just hanging out watching the kids run. For some reason I can't get enough of that.

2. Cousins! Cousins! Cousins!
My heart feels so much joy when I see the little kiddo cousins running around giggling, holding hands, wrestling, dancing. . . really. . .just being silly loving each other. Let's go back to the days. .. yes to the days when I was growing up . . my nearest and dearest pals were and still are my cousins. It's almost like there is an invisible unbreakable bond that is there just because you're cousins. :)

3. Everyone love a Hair party!
Hair party? Yes, it's a hair party! I'm sure you are thinking what on earth is a hair party. A bunch of grown giggling women talking all about the things that you don't talk about. And we can't leave out becoming even more polished and beautiful than we already are. The hair party = loud laughter and good old fashion fun. This hair party started early, but typically they start far too late and go well into the evening or early am. Good thing we have two professionals in the family that graciously volunteer their amazing skills and talent to the cause. Love those hair parties.

4. Girls night out
It wouldn't be a girls night if Court didn't eat off every ones plate and summon all the attention to her. :) I really don't blame her. . . after all it is hard to get a word in edge wise with those Chatty Cathy's. We love you Courty Coo! And love loud dance party car rides. . .love making a spectacle of ourselves at the restaurant. Who knew four grown ladies out on the town without husbands or children could have all the eyes of everyone in the restaurant on them for the entire night. Yep, we were either that loud or we are that beautiful. :) Thanks for the treaty treat and Rachy's new special drink. I'm kind of addicted to hot water with lemons and splenda. Yummmy!

5. Any excuse to celebrate!
When was brother's birthday? Are we celebrating last years birthday? Oh! It doesn't really matter. . .it's just a good excuse to get together and *P*A*R*T*Y*!* Everyone loves a party. . .especially ME! It doesn't matter if it's a birthday, a holiday, a promotion, heck. .. .I got a haircut. . .let's party! Happy Birthday Brother.
Thanks for a great trip everyone! Can't wait to get back to Utah to love my Charming hubby, those bouncing off the wall boys and that smiley Whisky Tango Little Lady. Love my two worlds!


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous right now. (I know by choice) It looks like you are having so much fun being in Washington. I'm glad you got to see everyone and a blast in the process. But I will be happy when you are back, I'm a little selfish that way. :) Excited to hear all the tales of the adventures in Washington.

Becca said...

Looks like a fun trip! Love the pics and descriptions.. felt like we were along for the ride!:)

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a fun trip!!! :) One of these times I will have to take a weekend off and join you (but I don't want to bump you from the flight ;))

MaDeb or Deb said...

Thanks for the great weekend! I can't think of a better way to spend time, than with 3 of my kiddos and 3 beautiful grand daughters. Just the best!!! The haircut is a lifesaver with my surgery yesterday, you girls now know the the easy secret and art of jam making....(a lot of sugar), and nothing can beat a Barrett party no matter were it is....the office, Jessika's, Joel's, Brooke's, the car...etc. The list goes on and on... Thanks for all the great memories. Love Ya all..

MaDeb or Deb said...
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MaDeb or Deb said...
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Barrett Bunch said...

I love that you are the official blog queen. Jess and I talked and we have concluded that you are a crazy lady who blogs blogs blogs, AND we love it!! Thanks for visiting fun as alawys!