Wednesday, September 12, 2007


4 Favorite TV shows
1. House
2. Prison Break
3. Brothers and Sisters
4. Grey's Anatomy
4 favorite places I've been
1. Cancun
2. Banks Lake
3. San Francisco, CA
4. Seaside, OR

4 places i have lived

1. Hawaii
2. California
3. Washington
4. Utah
4 favorite foods
1. Brownie Obsession (even a girl on a lifestyle. . .loves her treaty treats :))
2. Vanilla and Almond Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Bar (even more treats)
3. Protein Shakes (I know it's crazy ~ but I love them)
4. Anything with Black Beans, sweet potatoe chips, fish, shrimp, salads, pumpkin pancakes, peanut butter. . . yeah. . .it's safe to say that I just love food! :)

4 websites I check daily

1. Blogger
2. Hotmail
3. ebay
4. I'm a computer junkie, but I don't have a fourth website!
4 favorite places to eat out at. . .
1. California Pizza Kitchen
2. Cafe Rio
3. TGI Fridays (Just for the brownie obsession ~ I'm addicted!)
4. Kneaders

4 favorite things to do

1. exercise (are you surprised?)
2. Spend time with my family
3. Read a good read (book, magazine, letter, blog, anything. . .)
4. Blogging (yes it's true ~ I'm addicted!)

4 things I want at this moment

1. a spotless clean house
2. a completely potty trained almost 2 year old
3. My sniffles to go away
4. Someone to comment on my blog :)
4 things I can not live without
1. Magic Bullet
2. asics athletic socks and a good pair of running shoes
3. 3 happy little baby boys and one little lady (i must include their father)
4. access to the gym. I've got to get one good sweat in a day
4 people I wish to Tag
1. Deanna
2. Dad
3. Bec
4. Sisters (that includes you Mandy:))


Juan Antonio Rueda said...

I'm very pleased for your election: Cancun is your first favourite place where have you ever been.

I think like you.

Anonymous said...

I want a spotless clean house too! (the in-laws are coming) Miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

Banks Lake is in position #2! Yikes! Where is Shauna or what have you done to her brain! Cancun??? OMGosh!!! Cancun Mexico??? Nope, somethings wrong, call out the Neuro Police, my sweet daughter apparently stripped some mental gear upon her arrival in Utah. And TAGGED, what the hey is that??? So, I am totally worried about you. Most of the rest of your blog made sense but this Cancun thing and Tagging - what next - running through the streets with reckless abandon??? Good thing you're still cute... cuz you're definitely crazy.

Anonymous said...

And JFTR (just for the record) Doreen is confusing me!!! Doreen is my mother!!! Who is this imposter???

Anonymous said...

PS: I suspect Juan has a spanish/mexican background of some type.... hence his whole hearted approval of the Cancun Mexico thing. I'll bet he thought he could slip that one past me....heheheheh... sharper than ever... and I just keep gett'n better... that's your old man Shauna!!! (Genetic concerns you say?)

Anonymous said...

(does this complete my TAG or is something greater expected???)

Deanna said...

4 Favorite TV shows
1. The Simpsons
2. Lost (even though I've only seen season 2 on was amazing)
3. I stink at watching tv
4. ...

4 favorite places I've been
1. in love (it's like a place)
2. Texas
3. any IKEA (except IKEA Draper)
4. Hawaii

4 places i have lived
1. California
2. Utah
3. University Ave Condos
4. Santa Barbara

4 favorite foods
1. oranges
2. pasta
3. bagel sandwiches
4. lumpy mashed potatoes

4 websites I check daily
1. hotmail
2. facebook
3. I guess Blogger since that's the site that pops up when I hit the internet explorer button...Watson's page
4. (oh Patrick, you're so hot)

4 favorite places to eat out at
1. Ottavio's
2. Costa Azul (all you can drink horchata and sweet pork..mmmm)
3. Wendy's
4. new restaurants

4 favorite things to do
1. smile
2. talk
3. take pictures
4. wakeboard

4 things I want at this moment
1. sweet sticker boy love
2. full body massage
3. free laser hair removal
4. to lose a few pounds of fatty weight

4 things I can not live without
1. MY family
2. hugs
3. text messaging
4. music

Alyssa said...

Okay Bon it's scaring me how similar some of our things are.....we've been hanging around eachother too much and I love it!

Anonymous said...

Ok....I guess I will be anonymous....cuz there is already a deanna.....this is confusing...its says...deanna says...and I say...I DID NOT!!
anyway....we were tagged and we responded on our site....and we both took the goofy personality test. sister says the only personality tests that are accurate are 500 questions long and have yes/ no you are safe...BUT I DOUBT IT! LOL...I don't care WHO you are....THAT'S FUNNY!!

Barrett Bunch said...

Shoot I am behind onthe tag game, will work on it promise!! Thanks for including me inthe sister stack!!!