Sunday, September 30, 2007

Birthday Marathon ~ Part I

Simply Put ~ Max's Birthday is going to feel like a Marathon this year. I really hope I don't lose steam. Apparently my reserved borderline shy child went to school on Friday proud as can be with cupcakes and goody bags in tote exclaiming to the class that it was his birthday and he was having 3 parties. . . . . a school party. . . a friend party. . . a family party. He is pretty excited to be age 5. Heck he even started wiping his own bum. So I'm pretty excited he is age 5. For no apparent reason this is a magical age were Max can start doing all sort of new tricks all by himself. Age 5 is GOOD! Wish me Luck on the Marathon Birthday!


Becca said...

Wow!! That was a marathon!! Max is one lucky kiddo! I hope that's not the standard set for all birthdays for all your kids.. or you're in trouble!! :) How cute are all those pics! Looked like a fun fun fun birthday!

Anonymous said...

OK here's the deal. If the kid is really taking care of cleaning his business at the end of a productive session on the throne, let's make sure he also learns how to wash the appropriate area with soap and water. We DO NOT need a repeat of SBD (Stinky Butt Disease) like Kiss and Courty. Age 5 is great, but only if personal hygiene keeps step. College is way too late to learn some of these lessons!!! Ha haha hahahha I am so funny, I slay myself!!!

Anonymous said...

DAD!!! Why do you have bring up that are big trouble mister. It was not college, I was like 12. You are going down!