Monday, June 3, 2013

Cooking with thy twins

It is max again. This is about cooking with the twins. There will be some big accidents, 
some weird Xander photos, and 
hardly any pictures with Barrett because you know how
he is with the cameras. Well lets get started.
 First the flour.. you can not trust Xander with it. 
                                                         look at the cup of flower way to much.
 I warned you mom.. just don't trust Xander with any cooking supplies... no milk.. no flour.. and especially no SUGAR!!! 
 their he is with that milk all over the counter he is licking it all up like a anteater and ants
                  MOM thinks he has gone coca nuts but that is just zander mc flander
                                         LIKE the only picture with the barrett boy in it
                                 Their is zander with a funny face and really likes cooking with mom
 Looks like a sweet dish for me
                                            Hey yo where my cookies i want them right know

THIS is max again for the second blog of cooking with twins. We learned that you can't trust zander with food supplies. and lola wants a cookie and barrett does not like the camera .


Auntie.. said...

Love that you are blogging Max! You are so good at it too.. :)

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Really good to see you all! Very beautiful blog! looking for coming updating!

harada57 said...
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