Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Look at this girl!! I can not get enough of her. She was totally caught red handed keiffing ornaments off the tree and she knows it! Big trouble for her!
But look at these chubby monkey fingers.. She is holding on to that ornament for dear life. I know because I tried to pry it out of those chubby monkey fingers..
No dice!It's really OK because how could I ever say no to that face. Love this girl. Love this season. Love this girl during this season.


MaDeb or Deb said...

LOL. I'm pretty sure I couldn't tell her no! She's so cute even when she's trying to be sneaky. Love HER!!!!!

Becca said...

We are on the same page!! Updating at the same time?! Awesome. Missing you!

Love that Lola girl. Even if she's being a tad naughty. Just part of it. I think it might be scary to get her and Luke in the same room. :)