Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's tradition!

Oh my! I love my kids! Can I write that? This holiday season my Max has been pointing out every single Holiday tradition. "This is a tradition," in his big brother boss voice. I'm not going to lie.. makes my heart happy. So when we headed to midway to sled and swim over and over again.... .they quickly remembered that "this is tradition." Every winter we make a trip up to midway.. and we do.. 2009, 2008, 2007... I love traditions.. Thanks Mom and Rick!
Sledding! Alyssa took about 300 pictures sledding and I love them all.. So I tried to pick just a turned into a few ten...or more.. ..



MaDeb or Deb said...

Midway rocks!!! What a great Christmas Holiday! We loved swimming, the hot tub, sledding and hanging around the condo and playing games. Midway has such great memories for these two old grandfolks!! Love spending time with you and surrounded by all the Utahans!!

Dana and ohana said...

now that looks like one great get-a-way!

Becca said...

GREAT photos!! Seriously.. I want that tradition too. :) Looked like a blast. Love the fun ages of your kids right now. They're perfect age for most everything. Fun!