Friday, February 22, 2008

Utah Fun

Someone is just a little excited that her family is coming to visit. That someone is ME! Thought I would make a SLC area to do list. Any one want to add to it?? Please do I would appreciate any suggestions!

(Salt Lake Area)
Temple Square
Museum of Church History and Art (Children’s museum)
Beehive house
Joseph Smith Memorial Building
Legacy Theater
Conference Center
This is the Place Heritage Park
Brigham Young Historic Park
Gateway Shopping Center (Water Play thing)
Clark Planetarium
Hogle Zoo
(Children $6 ~ Adults $8)
The Great Salt Lake
Antelope Island ($9 per car)
Lagoon (Children $34.95 ~ Adult $39.95 Plus $8 parking)

(Park City)
Olympic Park
Park City Main street and historic district
Alpine Slides
(Prices are not listed yet)
Johnson’s place

(Valley Area)
Thanksgiving point (Gardens (Children $2.50 ~ Adult $4) Children’s Garden (Children $1.75 ~ Adult $2.50), Farm (All $1.75), Dinosaur Museum (Children $4, Adult $5)
Timpanogos National Park/Timpanogos Cave ($3 per car to get into park, Children $3 ~ Adult $7 to see cave)
Provo River/Bridal Veil Falls
BYU – all kinds of museums (Art, L. Bean, peoples and culture, earth science museum)
Seven Peaks (see link for pricing)
Scera Pools ($1-4)
Mormon Miracle (Yes it is playing the weekend you are here)


Alex and Jessica and kids said...

Who is coming??

Anonymous said...

Wow, did you take that picture? It is really pretty. I love Utah! Nate and I are visiting my fam for the weekend and I miss the snow. So, who is coming to visit?

Shauna said...

Some of the family. . . JAM with family, Brooke and the girls, My mom and rick. :) It will be like a mimi reunion. It's not until June, but they have never been here and I am just a little excited for them to come. :)

Jaimee said...

Well I am back to the blogging world...finally, I can't believe how much I've missed! But I have enjoyed each of your wonderful posts and tiny moments! You are a great mommy Shauna I aplaud you! I definately have a place for you to bring your fam and you guys are welcome ANYTIME with or without the fam! Bear Lake the carribean of Utah!!! We have lots of fun stuff to do there, seadoo's, boating, 4-wheelin, hiking, horseback riding, caves, beaches, cabins to rent and at those cabins we have hot tubs, beach volleyball court, access to indoor swimming pool and so much more! I think it would be fabulous for you to bring your little one's and family there it is gorgious and a perfect place to come in June well it's warmer in July and August but it's still warm enough in June and not as many people yet either! Check out our website and let me know we'll give you a good deal ;) Thanks for all the great reading and pictures looks like you've been keeping up with your blog very well! :)

Brooke said...

I am so excited to come and visit.. I already have started my Utah list. Don't tell Jason he already thinks I am crazy enough! =)

Shauna said...

Thanks for your kind words and thank you for the invite to your world of fun. I just might take you up on a visit. I have never been to bear lake and it looks amazing. It looks like you are living in a little vacation haven. I hope you had a great vacation. Welcome home!

Stephanie said...

Bear Lake is really fun! We spent a week there with my family at a condo and then we got married that Saturday, so it was a fun way for him to get to know everyone in my family. And boy did they fool him! Thanksgiving Pointe is also a neat place...of course Brayden is our dinosaur lover. All your vacation spots look great, they are all good places to go. I've not been to the Legacy Theatre since I was at Ricks! I really loved the presentation there.

Barrett Bunch said...

We can't wait!!!! I am so excited to do whatever Utah has to offer! See you soon, thanks for all the info!