Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Just when I think life is going to slow down and I can take some ME TIME! SURPRISE! There is this to do and SNAP I am behind on laundry. . . Oh I forgot about the school program. . . and what about the thank you I've been meaning to write for a month. Wrote it today and I feel really good about that. I am sure it will flutter. Flutter? Is flutter even a word? Anyway, I am sure it will flutter around my kitchen for at least a week until I walk it out to the mailbox. Finally got to my mailbox after mommy dear has been calling. She mailed me these super cute hats for the kids. I should blog it. It only took me a week to get my mail with her excited persistent phone calls. BTW. . Mom the hats arrived. They are darling and totally fit. Thanks! Just checked the clock . . 10:26pm. I am exhausted thinking to myself, "Self, what did we do all day?" I don't even really think I was all that productive. My kitchen floor still needs to be swept and the upstairs bathroom could use a cleaning but I was sure busy. No ME TIME today. I take that back . . .I did take a shower. It was even a shower all by myself. Those are my favorite kinds of showers. Now that is some serious ME time. I snuck off to the gym with my sister. I worked out wearing my blue jeans and no bra. Yeah . . .I know who wears blue jeans to the gym? It was quite a sight. On a typical day you can't find me wearing blue jeans at all. I can usually be found with my hair uncombed, no make up, sweats and and t-shirt. That is my mommy self on a good day. At least my t-shirt isn't covered with boogers or maple syrup from breakfast. Back to my story, we took the kids out to dinner and I was wearing blue jeans. I had this real true to life fear in the back of my head that if I went home to change my clothes I would never see the inside of the gym today. I was feeling like a good work out would be good for my life. And it was! I was able to talk to my sister about health and nutrition. Kind of . . .I don't like to lift weights and talk. Talk or lift. Multi tasking at the gym is really hard for me. Is gym time MEMEME time? Anyway, today was the official Birthday for my big boys who remembered to say Thank you and more bread please a million times to our waiter at the Olive Garden. They insisted on no booster seats for them. "We big boys. . four year olds don't need booster seats!" Well then. They actually behaved and it was a pleasant outing. I think I will take them out in public again. They almost acted human. Just peeked in on my four little ones and I am convinced that even though I didn't get real ME time that they are still keepers. Sure do love them. I'll take puzzles and storytime over massages and pedicures any day. Life goes by so so fast and I am glad I can take time to enjoy even the busy days. . . . enjoy some fun pictures from our busy busy day.

This is a picture of the school program I forgot all about. Max is the cute short one in the middle. He was darling. He waved his flag and knew the words to most of the songs.

We took a stop a Kangaroo Zoo for some more Birthday fun. Max has the best Cackle. Have I ever told you that? I hope he NEVER loses that Cackle.

Look at all that bundle of excitment. These kids couldn't be happier. Happy Birthday Alexander.

More More More. . . . You would think that almost 3 hours would be enough. I think they could have stayed all day. Happy Birthday Barrett Boy!

You better believe that Sissy kept up with her brothers. She was just about one step right behind them and loving every minute of it.

Olive Garden is officially the best Birthday stop ever. Yummy kid friendly food and free birthday cake for everyone! YUM!


My Many Coloured Days said...

What a day! That was definately more than just one tiny moment!!! Me time is relative isn't it. I love when I get to shave both my legs in one day!

J Glazier said...

I'm with you, most days I'd take storytime and puzzles over pedicures and manicures!

Anonymous said...

You have a very good looking family. I love your outdoor family photos.

Alex and Jessica and kids said...

I love this me time thing I need me time too. It is always nice to know that we all have our days that are mommy days and mommy moments.

Dana and ohana said...

I haven't showered by myself in FOREVER! You are so lucky. Happy birthday boys!

MaDeb or Deb said...

I love your party pictures!! Thanks for sharing and giving up some ME time to keep your blog going. I love to check it each day and feel a small part of your life! Happy Happy Birthday twiners!!! and smoooches for Jacq and Max.. Love Ya and miss you. Soon I hope to hop a plane! Mom

Stephanie said...

I understand completely about the ME time, I feel like I helped you write that for some reason. :) I'm still trying to picture this totally cute mom getting buff at the gym in her jeans. Thanks for sharing cute pics and stories!