Thursday, April 8, 2010

One last run!

It is always just one more run!! i have so many fond memories from the 2009-10 ski season with my four favorite guys....
I spent most of the morning with these two...
*i mostly followed them through the tress**we talked lots of stories on the chair lift*
*we teased those silly bunnies with our pink tongues*

*learned how to "Get those bumps"*

*And the boys even discovered how to "fly"*

Max is our silent but daring friend... He could not wait to get his dad alone. They headed to the backside of the mountain.... *then over to his first black...*
*and he survived*
*pizza-ed all the way down that beast*
*BRING IT!! (wait that is p90x)
*can't wait until next season!*
*disclaimer... I know I'm a dork!! Seriously Can't help it!


Jaimee said...

So fun... my little guy watched the videos w/me and kept saying I go I go.. And that's me that's me... I guess he thinks any other little guys on skis must be him!! So cute!

Lyss said...

I love love this post! The boys are too freakin' cute. They are growing up way too fast!!!!

Deanna said...

way to go Max for the 2 black runs!
Jacq, Lola, & I had fun at the house doing girl stuff while you guys skied.

Becca said...

How much fun for you and your boys. Looks like a blast! The videos crack me up... one excited mama. Love it. You're an awesome mom! :)