Friday, December 26, 2008

I heart Midway II!

We can't go to Midway and not swim like 100 times! These kids are fish! I think they gave Ma Deb quite a scare in water. They were just sure they could swim the length of the pool . . and they did. But it seemed close a couple of times.
These are their cute google shots!
Max will always cheese it up for my camera. Same with Alexander. Well. . .let's just say I've got these boys well trained! Barrett too!
Jacq was on google protest. About a month ago her dad replaced her cute pink pair with plain white. That is not working in her pinkalicious world! So she kifed her dads!The kids all time favorite move is when I catch them in the air with my camera. . . They just love jumping over and over. . . and saying, "Did you get it? Can I see. . .can I see. . ."
For some reason missed his air shot. Boy am I in trouble when he figures that out. ;)It took Barrett awhile to warm up. . . once he did he was quite the ham!This little lady was all over the pool. So here is Barrett's Deal! He was MAD! And when this boy is mad he lets everyone know it. Some guy put the bubbles on in the hot tub just as we told Barrett his dreams could come true. . NO BUBBLES! He held his grudge for a good long time. I think he glared at that guy FOREVER! At least it felt that way.
I just couldn't get him to warm up to my camera. NOPE!NO WAY!HECK NO!But once he did . . . we were golden. It just takes something else to get him out of his funk!
He even had a trick or. . .two!
Everyone left with smiles. . . .and that is saying something.


MaDeb or Deb said...

They gave me a huge scare! I just knew one of these little fish was going to drown....but instead I think they gave Ma Deb swimming lessons. They have NO fear and are so fun to play in the pool and snow with. I miss you guys and love you! See you soon.

Jaimee said...

Swimming ROCKS!!!