Saturday, January 5, 2013

Who knew?

Home depot has the cutest little program for kids.. seriously! Who knew? We have gone a couple times and each time it has been awesome. This month was a bird house. Last month a picture frame. They use a real hammer and nails, then head to the paint table. Lola was pretty intense about it. She was doing.. all by herself. The children all love it. Well.. except Max skipped out this time. 
I guess he is getting too cool these days.. {We're working on that.}
 Barrett, Lola and Alexander hard at work. 
 Grace. She is a perfectionist for sure. 
I can not for anything get Lola to pose for a picture these days. She sees that camera come out and she turns on the wild woman. 
  Auntie Nana even joined us for fun Home Depot time. She is such a fun Auntie. Always up for a good time.
 If you are interested, Home depot craft classes are once a month, the first Saturday in the morning. 
Next month is a letter holder. We are so there. :)


Alyssa said...

This is the cutest thing! I had no idea Home Depot had this until you guys started going. I will have to venture to one when little man won't destroy everything! ;)

Joseph Barrettt\ said...

What a FUN Mom you are Shauna... your old dad is really proud of you and the way you raise your kids! I'm sorry I forgot all about the Watson's 411.... I'll remember to check back. FAP