Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Tree..

Love me a house full of Christmas treasures. Brings back so many amazing memories over the years..
Like for instance.. I use to fluff me a beautiful tree and make it real pretty. Yes Sir.. I was a re-arranger. Ha! You know the mom that goes behind her kids and re does the tree. I had to let go. Last year I learned to let go. Look a this beautiful bunch of 5 ornaments. Makes my heart smile.Just when I think I want a tree all of my own.. a tree with way too much ribbon and lots of bows and lots and lots of fluff.. I see how excited my kids are about their treasures. They are real proud kids..
As you can see .. they love their treasures.. and so do I.
Plus we have a handful of Hawaii treasures.. Makes my Tim's heart happy to see our first set of ornaments. Those are serious lifers!
I can not forget the balls that the boys used to play baseball with. Makes me laugh to think about how frazzled I was when they started batting them against the wall. Ha! Boys will be boys! Love my 2010 collect-o! (I made that up myself)This year.. I let go even more.. I purchased fun brightly colored kiddie paper.. Some of the rolls even have Santa on them. What?? So unlike me. That was the one thing I was holding onto. .. I love me a pretty package and I like it the way I like it. Mailing package paper with a real big ribbon bow.. Sounds blah.. but I love it!!
But.. more than a pretty package with a big beautiful bow. . I love a Christmas packed with too many memories to record. Merry Merry..

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Becca said...

LOVE your treasure tree. Can't wait til we have enough treasures for a tree. My kids will definitely have their own tree!! So cute.. and so many great memories. Love your play by play. So fun. And love your paper!