Saturday, December 22, 2007

I heart Midway!

Nothing says Christmas like skipping town and relaxing days before *The Big Day*. Midway is one of our all time favorite places to visit. These are our favorite things to do on Vacation.
Swimming. Max says, "We have to go swimming everyday!" Since everyone loves it ~ we swim at least once a day. Snow Fun. Whether it is sledding or just stepping out the door to throw a couple snowballs the kids love love love the snow. Xander says, "I throw snowball at Daddy, and Max, and Barrett, but not you mom." Don't trust him for a second! I've been tagged a fair amount of times from the little fibber himself.

Snacking. Vacation is the time to break all the rules. Hot chocolate. Cinnamon rolls. Cookies. Sundaes. Popcorn. Juices. You name it. Anything goes. And the kids love that. Barrett would NOT NOT NOT take a bite of the ice cream sundae. He says, "I just like blueberries!"

Snoozing. Or I should write the lack of Snoozing. No naptime. No super strick bedtime. The boys mostly just wrestle~giggle~play. They are loving every minute of this vacation business. I am suprised I haven't found them crashed out in a corner somewhere. Sissy discovered that she is a big girl and that she likes a big girl bed. Just ask her, "MINE." I sat on her bed and I haven't heard the end of it, "MINE!" "MINE!" "MINE!" Just love her and her two year old . . .only girl . . .I am spoiled rotten. . . MINE!
Family times are ranked #1 in my book. The children are young for such a short amount of time. It seems like I blink and they have hit another milestone or are in the next size clothing. I remind myself regulary to take the time to enjoy them, hug them a little longer, read just one more book, let them smell the roses, and sled down the hill one more time. I love them. This little family of mine helps make my world go round. Grateful for them in my life. And especially grateful for their Dad.


Laura Lee said...

That looks like my kind of vacation! What great family memories you are making!

Ellice said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. I was glad to see that you didn't skimp on the holiday sweets and treats :). You guys are so fun... and your kids are so cute. Happy Holidays!!

Barrett Bunch said...

Good for you for taking time out before Christmas! Looks like you all had a blast!

Amy said...

I think there is something so cool about being in a pool when there is snow outside! Love it. Your kids sound like my kids as far as swimming goes. I love looking at your pictures!

Anonymous said...

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