Sunday, May 13, 2007

Simply Mom!

I think Mother's Day has officially become my favorite holiday. Not because I love a bouquet of flowers or sleeping in, breakfast in bed, or my children's best behavior at church (best behavior. . . what's that??). In the past Mother's Day to me was a day strictly to let my Mother know how much I appreciated her. She is pretty amazing. . . She wants to know every detail, trial, challenge that is going on in my life. . . Max's life. . Xander's life. . .etc. . .what is Jacq wearing. . .how is potty training going for Barrett? I'm pretty sure she planned a trip to Mexico where there was no communication the week of Mother's Day just so I could realize how much I rely on her. WOW! Did I ever miss her.
Not only is Mother's day as an opportunity to honor and respect my Mother as well as other Mothers in my life, but it has also become a day to celebrate Motherhood. This week I needed a little mommy pick me up. Something that would inspire me to be "Super Mom." I love that word. . .what does Super mom mean??? I suppose I wish I had the energy I needed to have an immaculate house, no weeds in my flower beds, wash the cars on Saturday and heck even get that shower in the basement finally finished. . . .(it's only been a year!):) I would of course still need the energy to sing to my children, read them stories, play games, drive them to soccer, kiss their skinned knees, and make them feel like nothing else in the world matters but them. I would never have a negative thought. . . .not another diaper . . . you didn't big potty in your underpants, did you?. . . .Barrett is naked in the front yard again .. . . did Max sneak off to the neighbors. . . .will my children ever be able to sit reverently in church. . .. "Super Mom" would always find time for herself. . . Squeeze the gym in, scripture study, find herself a hobby, love and support her husband unconditionally. . I think a "Super Mom" can do 40 things all at once and do them all well. . . Anyway, I could really go on and on about what it means to be Supermom in my world. I realized that mothering isn't always about being super. . .it's about being simply mom. Today I can't tell you if my mom had perfectly organized cupboards or if we had scripture study every single night, but the one thing I can tell you is that she was and is always there with a listening heart, she took the time to attend every single one of my sporting events, and musical performances. She may have tried to be "Super Mom" and she could have been, but the times that stick out the most in my mind are when she was Simply my Mom and that is the kind of mom I want to be. Thanks Mom for being Simply Mom! I love you! :)


Anonymous said...

Babysitting your children for like 28 hours helped me realize that YOU ARE AMAZING. Not just an amazing person, sister in law, and friend, but also an amzing mother. How you have the energy to keep up with those 4 monkeys and still be so nice and awake for other people is a mystery to me...but you do it. And you do it incredibly well.
I love you!

MaDeb or Deb said...

My computer was off line all day and I just got it fixed. What a great way to end the day...reading your blog! I have big alligator tears in my eyes but I want you to know you are the "Super MOM". Mother's Day is also my favorite holiday of the entire YEAR. I have felt so blessed and grateful to be a Mom and especially your mom. Motherhood never gets old it just moves on to being a Grand Mother!

Anonymous said...

Shauna... thank you for those thoughts. I needed that little pick me up this week. YOu are an amazing mother. Thanks for your example. We love you!