Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Grandma would be so PROUD!

I have to admit that it looks like my little ones inherited the green thumb gene. They think all this potting and yard work is quite fun. Jacqualynn thought it was not only fun to fill her broken yellow pot, but to walk around and help everyone fill their pots as well. . . .that was until she got a little dirt on her crocs. Dirt on her face. . .fine. . .dirt on her dress. . fine. . .but dirt on her shoes. . NO WAY! The boys were begging to flood the sunflowers with the hose at least every second. They are just sure that with extra water, love, and attention that the flowers will suddenly spring up. Isn't that how beautiful pots happens?? I guess my job from here on out is to either pray for sunflowers or sneak to Home Depot in the night and purchase seedlings. Good luck to ME!


RHS said...

your family is so stinkin' adorable! i have pics up on my refrigerator of you guys. you continue to amaze me!! i'm so glad you spent that time in san jose so we could meet.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the flowers but you sure know how to grow cute babies. We miss you guys!

Barrett Bunch said...

Love the story about the crocs, I only wish Ella hated to get dirt on her crocs my time washing them would be eliminated!