Friday, May 11, 2007

Little Red Box

How can I not love this smiley, singing, dimpling little boy!?! He is pretty adorable. I know my children are pretty far from perfect, but there are days when I want my very own literal little red box. There are moments and memories that I want to hold onto forever. Can you imagine having a "little red box" and pulling out the very best memories of your life. Sitting here I think to myself . . what would I pull out? There are really so many amazing moments in my life. I am a pretty lucky girl to be blessed with such an amazing life. Just like Max I would pull out all the most important people in my life. Pretty sure that is all of you! Thanks for being great!


Doreen & Adam said...

LOVE IT!! Miss you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

For soooo cute. You guys get cuter every time I check your blog. Tell Max that if we had a little box he would be in it!