Friday, May 11, 2007

Little Red Box

How can I not love this smiley, singing, dimpling little boy!?! He is pretty adorable. I know my children are pretty far from perfect, but there are days when I want my very own literal little red box. There are moments and memories that I want to hold onto forever. Can you imagine having a "little red box" and pulling out the very best memories of your life. Sitting here I think to myself . . what would I pull out? There are really so many amazing moments in my life. I am a pretty lucky girl to be blessed with such an amazing life. Just like Max I would pull out all the most important people in my life. Pretty sure that is all of you! Thanks for being great!


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!! Miss you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

For soooo cute. You guys get cuter every time I check your blog. Tell Max that if we had a little box he would be in it!