Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Picture Says A Thousand Words ~ Las Vegas, NV

VEGAS! YEAH! We decided to take a little drive down to "family friendly" Las Vegas. :) What a vacation it has been with our little ones. Below are our Vegas highlights. :)

*Jacqulynn Grace found a new form of Independence. She was as free as a little fish in a big ocean. No large round flotation devices for her, no mommies to save her from swallowing too much water, just Little Lady with her water wings in the pool. More times than not she had her cute hot pink crocks on. Who doesn't go swimming with their shoes on?? When she was not floating freely, she was running around the pool throwing everyone elses shoes in. . . I guess she thinks everyone should go swimming with their shoes on.

*Shoes on or shoes off Max has only one thing on his mind...getting back to Utah! We took the little guy to the Circus and what did he ask, "When do we go back to Utah?". To the Shark Tank "when do we go back.. . ". To the strip, "when...". To say the least, little Max has a one track mind. We love you Max, even outside of Utah.

*If Alexander and Barrett spoke anything other than twin-speak I'm certain one of the them would love being in NV and the other dislike it. This trip has reaffirmed that these boys are complete opposites. Xander wakes up begging to swim, jump, and be thrown in the pool. While Barrett refuses to go any deeper than what his little toes can touch and sometimes that is asking too much. Xman loved the fast racing roller coasters. . . .the same roller coasters that Barrett was clinching onto the bar for his dear life. Alexander had a thrill pushing the "roaring" button to the mechanic dinosaur. Barrett high tailed it out of the room in a fright with his ears covered, "I scared!". If they weren't so bloody cute (like their daddy) I'd swear there was a mix up at the hospital. Despite all their differences they love each other very much! Everytime I turned around they were plotting together to find a way to drive me crazy.

*I have not determined whether Las Vegas is the multi-level marketing capital of the world or if Tim has the words "I'm a sucker" written all over his face. He was approached by at least 3 different Network Marketers all pushing a different product. We even had a lady track us down and bring us some goods. One good thing from all of these salespeople was one had a T-shirt that summed up the essence of Sin city. It said something about liquor and poker... but I think it is best if we don't get into too much detail.

*Shauna takes at least 10 pictures of everything and everyone at every single attraction. Our poor children . . they are probably blind from the camera flash. We created a little Watson's in Vegas slide show. There are at least 100 pictures (OK not 100, but alot) and that is just a small portion from our trip. Check it out! When you get tired of seeing the Watson's in Vegas you can just close the window ~ We'll never know. :) Enjoy!


MaDeb or Deb said...

Taylor and I had a great time watching your slide show! She yelled out Max and there's Jacq through the entire show. The kid's are adorable and your trip looked like great fun! Thanks for taking the time to share your great memories with us each day!! Love You.. Mom and Tay Tay

laura said...

Hey- so glad to hear from you. You have the cutest family. It seems like I just saw you in HI and here you are- 4 kids later! Crazy what can happen in a few years. Anyway-good to see you again. Laura

Becca said...

What a fun trip!! The slideshow is awesome! It felt like we came along! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Sister....thank you for sharing!! You know I check your blog like everyday and loved watching the slide show! Can't wait to see you guys when you come back!!

Barrett Bunch said...

You guys are the funnest, my favorite is the M&M shots, we need to play with you! Ella wants to go with next time!!