Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bringing down the house

Watch out world. . . these Watson boys really have some fancy foot work in store for you. They didn't get it from their momma and I'm pretty sure that their dad has two left feet. :) They ran into some generic IPOD's, caught some dancing grooves, and haven't stopped moving. You don't want to miss these boys in action.

Max can really Bring down the house! I would consider him the dancing ring leader.

Xander is still working on his moves. He watched Happy Feet once and now has little penguins running around in his head.

Barrett Boy is foot loose and fancy free and takes all this dancing pretty seriously! You go Barrett Boy!

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Anonymous said...

Okay I am dying.....the boys are so cute, but where is Jacq's head. I am missing you guys so so so so bad. You know the saying absence makes the heart grow true! COME HOME!!!