Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fair Weather Soccer

It is soccer time again. I was sure that after a few months of growth our little Max would be ready to rule the field. . . Quite the contrary . . . Max told me today that soccer is not his “favorite thing” and that he actually prefers school. Once I coerced Max into heading down to the soccer field we realized that the freezing cold wind had forced even the polar bears to huddle together to stay warm. Little Max ran around the field with his hands in his sweat shirt pocket- pretty sure he didn’t touch the ball- looking adorable… 10 feet behind all the action (running with your hands in your pocket makes you a bit slower than the other boys). With 5 minutes left in the game I realized that I am a fair weather soccer mom and little Max is really only there for the half time treats. Needless to say we headed to the car where we could blast the heater and make up stories about how great the game was.


libbie said...

Thats funny! We were out taking soccer pictures yesterday and it was FREEZING! All these little kids were in their shorts, and I was in my sweatshirt and jeans freezing cold. I asked Damon how the heck they weren't dying out there . . . . . I feel for you Max!!!

My Many Coloured Days said...

It blows my mind how young these kids are when they start soccer - but I LOVE it too! Julia is now playing competitive soccer... but I have to admit I enjoy watching my 2 and 4 year old picking flowers and watching for airplanes while running with the crowd just as much!