Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hard Lesson = Big Pay Off!

There is one bedroom at the Watson house that represents a boys dormitory, 3 beds all lined up for my 3 favorite little boys. The other day I walked in and noticed that they had pulled every last book from off their bookshelf onto the floor. Over the years they have collect more than a few books so it was quite a mess. I thought to myself what will be the most productive way to teach them to take care of their "things". Some days it seems like I go from mess to mess, room to room, picking up after the family so I was feeling pretty frustrated. I calmly walked upstairs grapped 3 large plastic sacks and bagged every last book. I am pretty sure as they get their books back 3 by 3 (one for each boy) that they will be returned to the shelf a little more promptly and they will take a little better care for them. It was a pretty dramatic lesson for them and not very fun for me as a parent to enforce, but I believe in the long run it will have a big pay off. . . . at least I hope so! No more books on the floor!

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