Saturday, April 28, 2007

Home Ownership

When we purchased our first home we were clueless as to all the work that goes into owning a home. One of my parents strong points was raising children that have an excellent work ethic. I remember every Saturday morning we were up early. . . .early working. . . we played hard, but the playing went on well after our inside/outside jobs were completed. At the time I thought my parents had a bundle of children so they could have 5 little slaves to do all the work. Their job was to sit around, drink lemonade and crack the whip. Now that I have 4 little slaves of my own, I am pretty sure it is easier to do all the work myself than it is to prompt them continually to pick up just a few toys. Did I say prompt. . . I meant spank some bum bums! So good job mom and Dad getting us to work~work~work! That takes a lot of work in and of itself and even with 5 little slaves I'm pretty sure that there was plenty left over work for you!

Now that Tim and I own our 2nd home it feels a bit overwhelming. The list of to do's is endless. . . .cut the grass. . . weed the flower beds. . . rake the lawn. . . . Yeah, you read that right, rake the lawn??. .. . I had never heard of that one before. . . the Park City Johnson tell me it's necessary for a beautiful lawn. I'm still a Barrett women at heart. . .I've got to have the most beautiful lawn on the block. . . . aerate. . . .kill that clover. . . . clean the garage. . . plant flowers, wash cars, clean the inside. . . .keep Tim from napping. . .the list goes on and on. . . . My Saturday is about gone just thinking about this never ending list. . .To be honest with you I'd much rather pawn the kids off to Auntie Lyss and go biking. For all you homeowners out there. . .Don't work toooo hard! And for all you renters if you're in the market to purchase call and I'll give you mine! :) OK. . Tim will even get you a great loan to go with it...but you may have to change a few diapers as payment. :) Happy Saturday!

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Barrett Bunch said...

I hear ya... I raked our lawn, yep racked it all up no more lawn left, oops!