Friday, June 8, 2007

My Next 3*0 Years!

As I approach my 30th birthday (the big 3*0 on Sunday). . .I've been contemplating what it is I want to do and become in my next 30 years. To help me on my quest I asked the children what they want to be when they grow up. . . . their responses were so fitting and gave me quite a chuckle.
Max was very insistent when he said, "Oh, I just want to stay home all day. . . . clean the kitchen. . . . .do some laundry . . . . and maybe wipe my own bum."
After Max and Alexander had a little private conversation they decided that Alexander would enjoy being FAST and FURIOUS. . . A race car driver it is. Going round and round in circles as fast as he can sounds fitting for my little mental midget. As Alexander puts it, he wouldn't be found in anything other than his RED car with his RED helmet "driving really FAAAAAASSSSSSSTTT."
Barrett is just sure that he belongs in a zoo. I personally think that all my lovely children belong in a zoo. When Barrett Boy grows up he wants to scoop elephant poo and in his spare time wash elephant trunks. I can't believe I just wrote that. . . .but that is what the kid claims he really wants to do.
If I was a guessing mom I would predict that I could find Jacqualynn Grace in a fashion mecca designing and modeling shoes. Yes, our pretty princess is still all about her shoes. At the very least she will love her little ones and have an entire closet dedicated to storing and displaying all her designer shoes perfectly paired to every outfit. Let's not forget to mention dozens of little shoes for all her mini me's.
I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say that their responses didn't really help me that much. I still love them more and more every day. . . .I find an immense amount of joy in being their mother. To love and hold them everyday is a dream come true. I would support and get a kick out of just about anything they choose to do. . . even the elephant pooper scooper. :) When considering what I want to do for the next 30 years I feel as though it really is a pretty loaded question . . . I just went through a mental list including everything from a 1/2 Ironman to starting my own business, stopping to smell the flowers, singing in the shower (a shower all by myself). I suppose when I put my life in perspective there really are very few things that truly matter. I am committed to finding joy in this earthly journey and helping others as our paths cross. That during the day to day mundane tasks I can remember that it is the people that really matter in my life and treasure these relationships. *To my NEXT 30 Years!*


My Many Coloured Days said...

Happy Happy Birthday Shauna dear!!! WOW! You make 30 look breathtaking! Love the kids' responses... one thing is a definate, when you are 60 they will no longer be in your house... so glad you're enjoying their stay!

Anonymous said...

Birthday! Birthday!

Brooke said...


Becca said...

Happy Birthday!! You've got a great 30 years ahead...your energy and love for life is contagious! Thank you for sharing tidbits of what goes on in that mind of yours... it's inspiring! :) Have a great one.. you deserve it! I hope you were treated like a queen today!

libbie said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy happy day-
Wanted to drop a quick note and say that your first 30 were great and I look forward to doing everything possible to make the next 30 even better than the first.
I love you shauna- TW

Dana and ohana said...

Happy Birthday you amazing lady. Enjoy~do something fantastic!