Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Crazy Auntie Nana

After a long day in the heat nothing makes the Watson kiddos and their parents light up more than an unexpected visitor. The kiddos constantly ask, "Is a visitor coming over today??" What a surprise it was to see Auntie Nana. What makes it even more exciting was that she was in her bathing suit. . . . .that meant someone had to get wet. The more water the better. Water in the hose . . . . water in Auntie Nana's nose. . .it makes no difference. . . . water. . .water. . water. . makes the four Watson kiddos happy happy happy.


Dana and ohana said...

Water+kids=the best time ever! Looks like the mighty Watson Kids taught Aunite Nana a good lesson with the water hose!

Anonymous said...

Crazy?...huh. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wait...she can't be called crazy auntie nana until she hits her single 30's, wears mumu's, and has cats. So take that! She still has a few months.