Saturday, June 23, 2007

Everyone loves a Parade. . .especially my little ones. . . My favorite part of the parade was watching the children and their reponses. They eagerly stood for every American Flag, waved their little hearts out, and believe it or not stopped eating candy after I told them I thought their teeth were going to fall out. Not to my surprise, but everyone did have their 'favorite' part of the parade and it seemed so fitting. . .Max. . . the drums in the marching band. . .Alexander. . .all the RED cars. . .Barrett. . .anything animal, but he especially favorited the kissing Maggie Moo Cow.. . .Jacqualynn Grace enjoyed chilling in her personal soccer mom chair getting tons of attention from all the friends that passed by. Three cheers for the Parade. . . YEAH!

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Becca said...

What a fun slideshow! I enjoyed watching it!! It looks like you guys really had a great do such fun things! I love it!