Monday, November 28, 2011

Decorating the house!

I wish I could say that I have this amazing eye for decorating. The truth is I struggle. I have never been much into putting a lot of time, energy or $$ into making things look beautiful. {I wish} Hopefully someday. I love a beautifully decorated home. Right now I am all about being functional. I know LAME!! That is me.. functional and practical. So when it comes to Christmas decorations..we keep it pretty simple. Just enough to invite the spirit of Christmas, but I don't over do it! Wish I could claim these pictures.. but these are how Max sees our house.. well.. and about 100 other pictures. He may have gotten a little carried away taking pictures.


MaDeb or Deb said...

Love your Christmas decoratios!! I think you really have a knack for decorating! Love the tree with all the memorable ornaments! Merry merry Christmas Watson's!!!!

Becca said...

Love seeing Christmas at your house through Max's eyes!! How fun!! Loving his new photography skills. :) I agree with your mom.. you are awesome at decorating. Loving your tree and your train! Luke would be in heaven.. how fun!

Alyssa said...

I love the kiddie tree! We need a craft night, time to do the silhouette ornaments :)