Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Trafalga is one of our favorite places to go.. Unlimited fun times. So with Papa and Nana in town we jetted down after school to burn some energy and build some memories.. . I took pics of some of our favorite activities..
Rock climbing..

"The frogger." Lots of laughs on this silly ride.. I've been on it! I don't get this ride.. It's not fun for a 34 year old momma, but the kids LOVE it!! Laugh on kiddies!

Lazer tag.. . this is one of my favorites. Especially when the group all breaks up and you can be against each other. Lots of fun.

And lastly, and most importantly.. THE PEOPLE!!! So much fun to play our hearts out with some of our family. These three didn't do a lot of the activities but it was so much fun to have them there with us..

Thanks for the fun times everyone!

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