Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Conley day!

Without fail, I laugh every single time I write.. say.. or think... "Conley." For the first 2 years of Jon and Alyssa's marriage I thought my sister's last name was Connelly. . Ha! We had a good laugh we when both put it together. I will probably still be laughing in 50 years. Anyway.. Big day for the Conley's. Big day for this little guy! So much fun to be apart of Jaxson's blessing day. He is such a cute guy!
I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the little family. I guess this one will have to work. Congrats you two! Beautiful blessing ~ beautiful day!
Me and my cute sister, Alyssa.

Just had to throw in a sissy/mom picture.. All the Utah girlies!

Kind of love that it was at my house. We got to sneak in a little extra time without feeling like we were intruding. This so happened to be the day that my kids decided they wanted to maul Jaxon with lots and lots of love!! Too much fun watching my babies {I know... they aren't babies} hold babies! They are babies!! :)


Becca said...

Yay.. you're back! What a great sister you are!! Love that you could house all those people. So awesome! It was a wonderful blessing. We're so glad we could be apart. Love the pic of you and Lyss and all the girls. You are all so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

other peoples' babies.... for cute! Proud of the little family and it was a fun event.

Alyssa said...

First and foremost you rock sissy!!! Thank you so much for letting us bombard your house for the blessing. It allowed so much family to be apart of Jaxson's special day. We adore you and your family and love and appreciate you guys so much :)