Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Tim's birthday often times gets overshadowed by all the excitement of the holidays. He is always such a good sport about it. Tim's Birthday was Friday.. we got around to celebrating his birthday on Sunday. {sorry babe} And to top it off.. while we were enjoying his birthday dinner.. he was out wondering the neighborhood with a little boy looking for his parents {he had been lost for hours!!}. That gives you just an inkling of what kind of a guy Tim is.

Tim went out the morning of his birthday.. I can't for the life of me remember where he went, but he was out. While he was out.. the kids made big signs.. that now hang in our garage.. These signs let him know how much they care about him. .. and they really do love him so much. Tim is such an amazing dad!! He takes that job very seriously!! His priorities are; 1. His God. 2. His Family! And his kids know it!! He takes time to be in the moment with them... each and every one of them. To read with them. To help with homework. To work with them. To play with them.. {sometimes too much :)} To create memories. He is such an amazing man and such a huge support to me. I am so blessed to have a family with Tim. I love you! I hope you had a great Birthday.


Becca said...

Happy Birthday Tim!! He is an amazing guy! You guys are perfect for each other. Love it! :)

Anonymous said...

best day ever... again.