Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving.

Gobble gobble.. We usually go to the Watson's for Thanksgiving. This year they took off to the east coast. That left us to our own thanksgiving.. We were planning on just doing our own little thing and slowly our party grew. Wahoo!! I love me a party!!
I found this fun craft on pinterest. So cute. I didn't get the feathers painted.. but it didn't stop the girlies from having fun..

Dinner.. yum.. everyone chipped in.. I am all about stress free.. I made what I would normally make for my family.. and everyone added to it.. so it ended up being a feast.
This is my very favorite fruit salad. YUM!! I can't ever make it as good as my mom does.. glad she was able to make it for us.
I branched out this year. {YIKES!}

I am usually terrified of yeast.. But I decided to make homemade rolls this year.. and.. and.. they turned out amazing. Why did I ever purchase rolls before?? You have a party... I'll bring the rolls. :)

I heart this guy.. Whip cream anyone??

My big boy!! He is full of personality. I have no idea what he is doing here.. but it makes me laugh!

Cousin time..

My beautiful momma.


Grandma.. Love this lady.. So grateful she was able to spend thanksgiving with us.

Two of my favorite boys..

Brooke and I put together this fun little craft.. The kids had a blast with it!

We got a surprise visit that evening.. not the best picture.. but we wanted to include them in our very fun day. Thanks for stopping by..

So much to be grateful for. So blessed. Happy Thanksgiving..

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Becca said...

Look at you!! You make the feast and have time for all those cute activities?? I want to go to your house for Thanksgiving! :) Adore the pic of Lola. So sweet. I'm with you... homemade rolls are the best ever. We made some honey cinnamon butter to go with.. heaven. So glad your party was a success. I was thinking about you lots. :)